4 Ways to Wear a Headscarf by Beauxoxo

Today is the first day I have a hair-tutorial up for Beauxoxo, and I hope it's the first of many! I was very fortunate enough to work with some incredibly talented students at Southampton Solent University on a variety of courses who created this video for me. I thought a video styling my hair scarves would be great to start with as I think they are definitely my most versatile accessory and the hairstyle options are truly endless!

The video has 4 looks: A simple up-do, twist-bow, a side braid and finally gorgeous milk maid braids. I've certainly never done anything like this before and I was so impressed with how everyone came together with their individual talents and skills to create something that looks so professional and certainly beyond me! So much respect to people and Youtubers out there who can master Final Cut Pro!

As someone who set up a business whilst at University I love nothing more than working with other students on projects and to give them really hands on experience using my accessories. Southampton Solent is a very recognised University in the South for the Arts and they are very supportive of what I do.

So a huge, special thank you to everyone involved in this video: Jess, Grace, Lara, Natalie, Chloe, Alexandra and Daniela. It was such a lovely team of girls who were so dedicated to the project and I'm immensely grateful to them for creating something so lovely for me with their incredible skills. I have no doubt they will all do something very exciting in the future!

And thanks to Chloe and Alexandra I also have some little step-by-step instructions which breaks the video down into bite-size instructions. Head here after the cut the lovely step-by-step photos.

Scarf Plait

1. Bring all of your hair to one side and split into three sections.
2. At the top of the middle section, tie the end of the hair scarf in a simple knot. The twist the scarf around the section of hair, so the hair is almost completely covered by the scarf.
3. Keeping the scarf in place, begin to plait your hair normally, making sure the scarf doesn’t come out of pace.
4. When you have finished plaiting, tie your hair at the end, including the scarf to make it secure.
5. You now have the perfect scarf plait!


Milkmaid Braid

1. Split your hair into two sections down the middle. Split the first of the two sections into three equal sections.
2. Tie a hair scarf to the top of the middle section, making sure it is secure. And wrap the scarf around the hair until the whole length of hair is covered by the scarf.
3. Plait the three sections together, including the scarf wrapped hair until you have a full length plait. 4. Secure this in place with a hair band.
5. Repeat these steps for the other side section of hair.
6. Take the first plait and lift it on top of your head by the end. Then fasten in place with some Kirby grips.
7. Repeat this for the other side and make sure both plaits are secure.
8. You now have the perfect milkmaid braid!


Scarf Bun

1. Tie your hair into a normal pony tail.
2. Wrap and tie the scarf around your pony tail, leaning the ends dangling with your hair.
3. Split the pony tail into two sections, making sure there is a length of scarf in each section. Twist the two sections separately, along with the scarf.
4. Once you have two tight twist of hair/scarf, twist the two sections together to create a kind of bun/ball around the pony tail.
5. Fasten this in place with some Kirby grips.
6. You now have the perfect scarf bun!

I hope you enjoyed the video and the step-by-step guides. Are you a hair scarf or headscarf fan? If so, how do you like to style them? To shop Beauxoxo's Hairscarves head here



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