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My printers happen to be near one of the best Primarks around, and it's the nearest car park to said printers. To go to my printer it's quickest to go into Primark and round the back. This equals weak Georgie always checking out the latest things! At least that's my feeble excuse ;).

I've never really been into the clothes at Primark but I really like their homeware bits and bobs. The other day I posted a photo on Instagram of these cute Flamingo candles (and what you can see above) and it seems they are very popular indeed! Therefore I thought I'd share a few other bits I picked up that are similar in taste and should, I hope, all be available as of now.

As you can see everything I picked up is entirely homeware/accessories based. I have a very worrying addiction to their Pyjamas, mainly because they do so many Moomin varieties and one thing you may all know about me by now is how much I loved the Moomins (and generally most things Finnish and Swedish!). I have at least 3 pairs of Moomin PJs and I'm pretty sure they are all from Primark!! Similar cosy items included Care Bear slipper (yes, I am a child) and a gorgeous vintage embroidered cushion in white with a birdcage pattern. Primark really do some many wonderful home bits that are incredibly reasonable.

I picked up some new towels and flannels with sweet florals for spring because together it was just £8 which is ridiculous really. I also picked up a Flannel Robe Dress. I can't think how else to describe this one. I have been wanting to sew one of these for a while but time is limited currently, so I nabbed this pretty butterfly one. They are perfect for general beautifying and lazy Sunday mornings. And sometimes, like many I'm sure, you tend to take a bath or shower and then need to check emails or something similar and it's perfect for that.

I'm planning lots of mini trips over the next few months and I wanted a slightly larger travel bag as I do some photoshoots away from home. Primark do a lot of big bags like this and I find them to be very sturdy and roomy and again, just £7 or so I think. To also go on my travels I picked up this pretty Paris make up bag, because I'm going soon (and how I've missed it!), a Panda gadget cleaner (the one un-neccessary purchase...I just love pandas, okay?) and a Flamingo glasses holder (there's a theme here, is there not?).

Have any of you succumbed to the lovely Primark homeware section lately? Or are you a fan of their clothes and other bits?



  1. I love that bag its gorgeous I may have to get that and the towels. I also love the cushion and the make up bag.x

  2. I don't think i'll ever stop loving Primark, I've only just recently bought from their homeware department but I got some of the most gorgeous floral bedding which was like £13 for a king size duvet cover set, how cheap is that?! I'm definitely due another trip because I also want to see what Disney goodies they've got in

    Jade x
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