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Fellow LUSH fans I have an important question for you: How do you store your products? As you all know I am very fortunate to live in the land of LUSH and worked for the company throughout my studies so it's safe to say I've experimented tons over the years with how to keep my products fresh and safe. Here's my latest idea....

.....a cupcake stand! If you visit this post from way back in 2013 (whah now!) you'll see I used to store everything in a bowl. Problem was, occasionally you'd get the odd product being too friendly to their neighbour and sometimes sticking and picking up the other's scent. We don't want that! So, I found a slightly broken cupcake stand I used to take to markets and arranged everything on there. Result? Perfect! This is by far the best way to store LUSH products so far! I don't keep this by my window as the light would either make the products melt or fade. I instead keep it in a cool, dark place of my bathroom. But you know, for the sake of pretty photos, I moved it to a glorious lighting spot ;).

I still keep my bath bombs in my favourite bath tubes. It annoys me LUSH no longer sell these because they are brilliant. Still this is something you could try to DIY as it's essentially just a long tube that has a width suitable for bath bombs.

The best tip I have with LUSH products is to use it fresh. It doesn't suit storage in general due to the lovely, fresh, natural way the products are manufactured. Case in point is that I have a few odd bits from Christmas and they are starting to look a bit sad! Particularly my Santa scrub which is currently sitting in a clear bowl, which, is perfect generally for products like this.

Whilst arranging everything onto the cupcake stand you'll probably spy a few new bits and overall I think some of the bits for Easter and Mother's Day are really fun! I love Bubblegrub, a cute bug bubble bar with a nostalgic tonka bean and vanilla scent I adore. Ultraviolet the huge violet rainbow bubble bar is not only very, very pretty but so gorgeous! As you would expect it's a heady scent of violet which is so seductive I love it. Rose bubble bar is a turkish delight dream boat and then there's the as always tempting Easter rangeHoppity Poppity is a surprisingly floral herbal bath ballistic and finally my ultimate favourite Fluffy Egg is a candy floss dream. Snow Fairy fans: buy in bulk!

Are you a LUSH fan? If so, how do you store your LUSH products? I'd love to see!



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