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Last year, or perhaps even the year before (!!) I embarked on an ambitious blog series called: 'The Pale Skin Diaries'. Ultimately I set about with this ideas because as I am a redhead, with typical Celtic colouring (red hair and pale skin) I constantly struggle to find the fairest of the fair foundations. I feel like I've only just started this series and I need to get back on it! To read my previous posts click here. Today I am taking you to the Stila counter where we'll see how good they fair, quite literally ;).

The Pale Skin Diaries: The information in this post is only correct at the time of posting. I apologise in advance for any messy counters and testers, you know how grim they can be sometimes! All of the products are swatched on my hand for the purpose of being able to see them clearly but please be assured I also test everything on my cheek for accuracy. For reference purposes I am slightly paler than MAC's NW15. Please note that I am not reviewing all of the products in this series I am simply illustrating and discussing how fair the palest shades really are. Apologies for the lacking photo quality which is due to the photos being taken with my phone as many stores will not be DSLR friendly! I hope you enjoy this series :).

When I think of Stila I think of their gorgeous eyeshadows (Kitten, I'm looking at you!), their Kajal eyeliners and gorgeous style and packaging. It's a brand overall I love and love purchasing from. One thing I haven't really checked out is their foundations and concealers, so one by one, I'm going to swatch and show you all just how good, or not, they are.

Stay All Day Foundation and Concealer- Bare
The first foundation and concealer I'm testing is the 'All Day Foundation and Concealer'. This is a really interesting product that has foundation and concealer altogether. It's oil-free, for high definition, and the multi-tasking product has a creamy, full coverage concealer inside the cap, and the foundation in the bottle. The lightest shade is 'Bare'. Whilst both felt lovely to swatch, and lovely on the skin this was very yellow on me. Very yellow indeed and therefore I'm afraid whilst it probably is a fantastic product, colour wise it's not one I would rush out to try if you have fair skin.

Illuminating Liquid Foundation- 10 Watts
We're getting somewhere now! This is Stila's Illuminating Liquid Foundation in the shade 10 Watts, the lightest shade they do. Stila claim that this foundation has a silky, lightweight formula that hides flaws and imperfections to leave the skin with a luminous, air brushed look. For me the palest shade 10 watts would be wearable. When I swatched it, it blended in really beautifully and had a touch of pink that looked gorgeous. I would even go as far to say this would be suitable for a MAC NW15 complexion but it's a teeny bit more yellow.

Illuminating Powder Foundation
The illuminating foundation powder has similar elements to the illuminating foundation and again 10 Watts is the palest shade. This swatched well and again, I think this would be okay for maybe a MAC NW15 or probably NC10. It has yellow undertones to me but still has a white glow that would work for us fair skinned girls.

CC Colour Correcting Cream with SPF 20
Stila’s CC Color Correcting Cream SPF 20 is a really interesting CC cream added with skincare benefits, SPF protection, and a green based formula that protects, brightens skin and helps to soften fine lines and wrinkles. I felt so lovely on the skin and glides on like a dream so I imagine this is so lovely to wear. But the downside? The palest shade, 'Fair 01', is not fair on me at all. Once blended out it's just too yellow for me to consider unfortunately.

Overall feedback on pale foundations at Stila: I would recommend trying and testing the Illuminating liquid and powder foundations as the 10 Watts shade seems very good for fair skin and is worth exploring. Otherwise everything was too dark or yellow toned for me to recommend. However, if you have fair skin with a yellow tone perhaps go and swatch for yourself and see. But overall I will stick to Stila for everything else just maybe not face products for me personally. I'm afraid the counter I visited didn't have the CC Colour Correcting Stick, the Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Beauty Balm (though I have used a Stila beauty balm before and it was actually very good for fair skin!) or the Perfecting Concealer.

Overall score: C+ 

I hope you all found this helpful and I'll be sure to be back with a new post soon. For the record, I want to stress how much I love Stila Cosmetics for their gorgeous eyeshadows, eyeliners and palettes. Plus, their packaging is divine!



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