Music Monday: Jillian Edwards

From my travels as a young girl I've always developed a bit of a soft spot for country music. I remember my visit to Nashville so clearly and couldn't help but falling in love with it all. So today my musical offering is one of those Nashville sweethearts, Jillian Edwards. Originally raised in Dallas, Texas the 25-year old Jillian now resides in Nashville, Tennessee, the country capital of the world, of course! Jillian's husband is Will Franklin Chapman, and she is the daughter-in-law to CCM powerhouse singer and songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman.

I thought I'd pick out a few of my favourite tracks on her album 'Daydream' because I believe this to be the finest example of her work. This dreamy album starts with ‘Apologies’, an acoustic version in all it's innocence and beauty has been included above. 'Apolgies' is a folksy acoustic song, with a cutesy uplifting melody coupled with soft pulsating drum beats, swaying strings, and a melody that anyone could become totally enchanted by. It's the perfect way to start this album. And the message of the song, with lovely words such as 'I’m sorry for things I didn’t mean that I said…’, which is of course a phrase hard for many of us to say, or truly mean. This song is very much about human nature, lessons wrong and right, but it ends hopeful and I can absolutely hear Jillian's strong Christian beliefs in the lyrics and her hope and believe in God and his forgiveness.

The next song ‘A Thousand Years’,  is something you could possibly imagine as a film soundtrack, but it's actually a lot more folksy and upbeat than the name might suggest. It sounds driven and current with a synth keyboard and a prominent percussion line. Lyrically, it speaks of love and hope. Jillian sings about the longing for a loved one to be with them and share in the love, for 'a thousand years'. I absolutely love this song as I think you can take the meaning of the song in so many ways, because ultimately, what resonates the most is the longing in each of us to be loved, and to love unconditionally whether it be a friend, family or even a pet! It's very beautiful.

If you're a daydreamer like myself, then the third track 'Daydream' is our calling! It's as soothing and as dreamy as one would imagine with a title track called 'Daydream'.  The opening and the whole way the song is presented sounds like a lullaby. There's a subtle beautiful echo on the vocal, highlighting further Jillian's angelic tone and it truly calsl for us to dream about what could be and long for something that is seemingly better than the now we’re living in. In fact, be careful you don't actually fall asleep listening to this song, it's so peaceful, and there's a prominent, and yet delicate drum beat that almost sounds like a heartbeat. I think this is absolutely one of Jillian's stand out tracks, and one I think many will resonate with.

Because I don't want to make this post so text heavy I'll let you discover the rest of the album in all its beauty. I so loved discovering Jillian's beautiful music and hope you do as well. Her music is just so honest, raw, and certainly something truly different to what resides inside the top 40. 'Daydreams' is one of the most authentic and real albums I have discovered lately, and Jillian’s skills for delivering and writing songs that speak, and impact so many hearts and ears is why I think her music will be loved by those who love country music, Christian music, folk music, and hopefully those who love artists such as Lindsay McCaul, Mindy Smith, First Aid Kit, Little May, Sixpence None The Richer (yes, the ones that gave me 'Kiss Me'!).

Jillian is such a rare talent and her purest voice is one that can stand on it’s own without the help of a computer or any gimmicks. This is real music. And if it's something you want to discover yourself, you can download Jillian's two Eps for free to get a taste for her music from Noietrade right here. And then if you love what you hear,  and I guarantee you will, you can go and purchase the beautiful 'Daydreams'. You will not regret it, I promise.

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