Favourites: February 2015

It's March, it's March! How is it March? Seriously, wasn't it just Christmas?! But anyway, back on track, here is what I loved in February.
1. Primark Care Bear Slippers

Things that I love about Primark are their slippers and their nightwear. Two extremely random things I know! But I so adore their character slippers, and I have a pretty unhealthy collection already. I tried desperately to resist these Care Bears slippers but I couldn't and they have been a staple love in February!
2. Disfunkshion Magazine

Whenever I go to London I stop by the Selfridges magazine hall and stock up like crazy (then struggle my way through the hustle and bustle of Oxford St weighed down with a million glossies!) and pick up international titles. One of my all time favourites is DISfunkshion Magazine, a magazine created in the beautiful and exotic Hawaii. It has a mission statement that wishes to connect the deepest fibre of every young woman and offers an array of editorials and features filled with real life affairs, social awareness, advice in female-relevant issues, art of all forms, music, and fashion. I have collected the past few issues and it just truly speaks to me I absolutely love it. I feel so motivated and inspired reading it. And the styling is complete boho perfection and a huge inspiration for Beauxoxo. If you happen to pop by Selfridges definitely pick up a copy and if not their website and social media alone is wonderful. 
3. Knots No More Strawberry Milkshake Detangling Spray

You'll have to excuse me as I revert to my inner 5 year old because the other day in Waitrose I picked up a detangling spray....aimed at children! The main reason I picked this up it was because A) it was Strawberry Milkshake scented and B) because the bright purple packaging was equally appealing (clearly however I'm just a child, haha). But this really does work incredibly well at detangling my hair when I wash it and keeping it extremely soft and manageable. You can also get this online here and it was really a steal at just £2.99. Plus, if you're a LUSH American Cream fan you are going to go  crazy for this as it's similar in scent. 
4. OPI Hawaii Collection 'Just Lana'ing Around' Nail Polish 

Clearly this favourite's post is a Hawaii love fest, and sadly I've yet to go! I got this gorgeous mauve nail polish in a Duty Free shop last month. I've been looking for a shade like this for a while and I do love OPI nail polishes. They apply like a dream and last for ages. The Hawaii collection is just gorgeous and I love how a colour like this can take you through the whole of Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winer and back. It's a real classic.

5. Charlotte Tilbury 'Pink Venus' Lip Cheat

I'm so extremely late to the world of Charlotte Tilbury but from loving this favourite alone, I'm already hooked! I've been looking for a peachy-nude lip liner for a while (probably from seeing too many Kylie Jenner lip posts in the blogging world!) and this ticks all the boxes. I think it was £16, so not cheap, but it lasts a really long time and it so highly pigmented. I can't wait to check out more from Charlotte Tilbury. To read more about the Lip Cheats and 'Pink Venus' click here. PS: apologies for my poor, swollen, eczema hands at the moment!
6. Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper in 'Auburn'

As any redhead will know there's two difficult things to find: Foundation and brow shades! Everything is either too light and ashy or dark. I needed something that was a mix of red and brown and this brow shaper from Bobbi Brown is perfect. If you have dark auburn hair like myself I'd highly recommend it. It applies so easily, last ages and just looks so natural and right on me. 
7. Rotating Cosmetic Makeup Organiser and Make Up Storage 

I recently decided to re-do the way I store and organise my make up so I got myself a fun, pink (of course!) rotating storage holder. It sits on my dressing table and pretty much contains my whole collection which is so handy in the mornings or whenever I'm getting ready. I truly feel like I use everything now because it's all there right in front of me. Because I've done a whole post about this I'll link this right here so you can check out more photos and where I got it from. 
8. Café De Bain Coconut Macaroon Indulgent Bath Crème

This was another Waitrose find but I know it's a range also available at Superdrug. I just wanted an easy, pretty liquid bubble bath to have on days where I don't have any LUSH around this ticks all the boxes. Gorgeous decadent packaging, sweet smelling scent and doesn't irritate my skin. Another beauty bargain at just £2.99!
9. Beauxoxo Spring and Summer Collection 2015

I'm so excited about my new collection at Beauxoxo. The setting this season was Cuthbert's Bakehouse , Liverpool and I wanted a cute, English, vintage tea house setting with a 1950s tea party theme. I have new bow headbands, wire headbands, hair scarves and turban headbands, all featuring very sweet vintage, playful prints from cherries, watermelon, polka dots, stripes, florals, hearts and lots more. I really hope you love it all, and if you're reading this before March 8th, enjoy a little 10% discount with NEWSEASON at checkout (ends 8th March 2015 11pm GMT).  Shop here

10. Taylor Swift 'Style'

My musical offering this month is Taylor Swift's 'Style'. I, like many a noughties teen became captivated by Swift's country songs and relatable lyrics but at first, I wasn't keen on her new pop direction. I know people, I know, please don't hate me (because I really do love Taylor Swift so much!)! I just don't like songs such as 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' and 'Shake It Off' BUT after listening to 1989 I truly love most of it. It's a perfectly crafted pop album and I do think she's done herself proud. One song that truly captures my attention is 'Style'. Oh my word. What a TUNE! It's the kind of song that screams road trip, driving along the Highway 101 with the Californian sun on your face, wind in your hair, topped off with a slick of red lipstick and black sunnies. I was hoping she would release this song as a single and I further hoped the video would be just as good as the song and it is. It really, really is. It's like a surreal work of art: dreamy, dreamy, dreamy, mixed with hazy filters and Taylor's gorgeous vintage style. To be honest it could be a perfume ad for Marc Jacobs. In fact it should be a perfume ad for Marc Jacobs!!

And that's my February favourites. How about you? What are you loving right now?


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  1. The Charlotte Tilbury lip pencil looks lovely, I am yet to own anything from this brand but have my eye on so many things - this lip pencil now being one of them xx


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