The Brand New Beauxoxo HQ....

I have exciting news on this little blog tonight: I'm getting a new studio for Beauxoxo! Now, I know earlier last year I talked about moving to a new studio so you'd be right to be a little confused. Basically, I love my current set-up, but I really want something I can completely customise and also slightly bigger because Little Beauxoxo is due to launch any day now. Where I am currently it's an office space so I can only really decorate with furnishings and accessories.

I started a little 'Beauxoxo HQ' series last year and I thought it would be fun to carry on with this now that I can really totally transform everything from the walls, blinds, carpets etc. I've already made a start and I've gone for a very pale pink on the walls, a super hot pink carpet (because why not!) and I've matched it with floral blinds and lampshades. Obviously this is the very foundations so I can't wait to build on this. It's also going to be so much fun to create a filming area for my blog and the ability to take very pretty craft backdrops; I hope!

If you have any decor blogs or craft room designs can you pretty please send them my way? And this time I promise, once I'm fully moved in, you will all get a craft room tour!



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