My Top 14 Favourites of 2014

It's early January, a fresh sparkling new year, and it's that time that many bloggers look back on the year that has been and document their highs and their lows or maybe just their favourites. Because I'm not a great descriptive writer or storyteller I thought I would blog about the latter. I would love to do a look-back post on 2014 but to be honest it's not a year I look back favourably on, and I'm just so enjoying reading all the amazing posts by blogger's that do it oh-so well.

I try my best to post a monthly favourites anyway so I'm digging into the archives to come up with 14 of 2014 that I really, really loved. The 14 things idea being totally inspired by the gorgeous Jody from Monroe Misfit Make Up. Please check out her blog! She's my make up queen!

1. Favourite Perfumes: Vera Wang 'Princess' and Marc Jacobs 'Daisy Dream'
This is the year I wanted to try a lot more perfumes but I ended up being not overly adventurous! I stuck dearly to my old faithful Vera Wang 'Princess' which I just adore. It's a very girly, sweet scent that as a vanilla fiend is love to me. Just recently, I was very kindly given Marc Jacob's 'Daisy Dream' for Christmas and whilst only owning this for a few days I'm so in love with the sweet floral scent. It's not so similar to Vera Wang that it overlaps and I've been reaching for this everyday since I got it. The added coconut water kick is so yummy!

2. Favourite Mascara: Seventeen SUPERlash
If there's one mascara I purchased over and over again in 2014 it would be Seventeen's SUPERlash. Okay, so firstly the packaging is incredible, and pleases my love for Pop Art considerably, but thank goodness it actually works as well. It just gives me everything I need from a mascara: Volume, curl, and a deep black (or sometimes brown they sell it in both) colour pay off. It also definitely makes your lashes look a lot more lengthened and generally more fluttery. If you want to see what it looks like on I have a little review from earlier this year here.

3. Favourite Book: #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso
I've confessed to this shamefully a few times but....I don't enjoy reading....I know! However I do love non-fiction. In fact, I'll pick up really 'heavy' non-fiction about the arts, music etc, but as for novels and autobiographies generally I have always had a very poor attention span. However, when I heard Sophia was releasing a book about her Nasty Gal story (an online boutique I really love) I was eagerly awaiting the release. Just because I was so intrigued to know how on earth she did IT. How she started from nothing and grew a business worth millions. And I just so adored #GIRLBOSS. I read it during a week in and out of hospital and I think that was an ideal reading environment for me. It's very story heavy, it's funny, it's endearing and it's full of Sophia's brilliant personality so it's just so much fun to immerse yourself in. Sophia has had led such an interesting and crazy life that I found myself wanting more and more, and I struggled to put it down after each chapter! If you want to read my full review head on over here. Definitely one of the most talked about books this year with very good reason.

4. Beauxoxo Velvet Bow Headbands and Photoshoot
This year I set about creating the velvet bow headbands I had always dreamed of owning. After many, many tries I got there and I'm so proud of this product for Beauxoxo, my hair accessory business. The velvet bow headbands come in a choice of about 15 gorgeous jewel tones and I had so much fun conjuring up a look book in Liverpool to match the overall theme. You can see this adventure come to life in my behind the scenes look book post here. And you can of course shop the Velvet Bow Headband collection here.

5. Favourite Subscription Box: My Little Box
I think truly one of my best purchases this year has been my subscription to My Little Box. Originating from France, by a girl who loved Paris, her city, and then wanted to share all the hidden treasures and latest trends that every Parisian girl should know. The My Little Paris website was born with an amazing community of over 80,000. This then led to 'My Little Box' as we know it now, where each month everyone signed up receives a gorgeous little themed box straight to their door. The themes will vary on the seasons or for special occasions. So for example, a Love box may be sent in February, a Christmas box in December and so on, but this is also mixed with more random themes such as a Nautical box, or the Geek box etc. And oh how I adore it! Getting each box in the post each month feels like Christmas and I'm never disappointed. If you want to read all my posts about 'My Little Box' head here

6. Favourite Place: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
This summer I had the absolute joy of travelling to The Netherlands to visit one of my oldest friends with another of my very dear friends. It was a weekend full of joy, laughther , culture, happiness and many treasured memories. It makes me so happy to see my friend so content in his new Netherlands home and I honestly couldn't recommend a visit to the beautiful Amsterdam more. If you want to see more photos from my trip click here. I'm not going to lie, I would move in a flash if I could! 

8. Favourite Eyeshadow palette: Too Faced Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette
I'm so, so bad because I've promised a review of this forever but I just....I just don't know why I forget! I think it's because I want to show a few looks but the dreadful winter lighting always lets me down. But truly, this palette is so gorgeous. Of course the sweet chocolate aroma is enough to make anyone buy it but it's a palette that does everything. Lazy day make up, natural make up, weddings, nights out and so it goes on. And you of course knows I have all the lust for the Semi-Sweet version

9. Favourite Blusher: MAC 'Launch Away'
A little boring perhaps but MAC's 'Launch Away' Blusher became my absolute go-to this year. I can't believe it's still going, to be honest! How I haven't hit pan yet I do not know. It perfectly works for the looks I most like to wear the most and for my very pale skin tone. Unfortunately this was released a little while ago with the 'Hey Sailor' collection but I think honestly this product could be so easily duped if you're after a similar peachy-pink blusher.

10. Favourite Fashion Item: Hetty and Dave Cat Shoes
So remember in this post when I just got a bit carried away on the whole wish list thing? Well, I ended up getting a few of the bits and bobs mentioned for birthdays, Christmas etc. One of my favourite of the bunch ended up being THE Hetty and Dave sparkling kitty shoes of pure and utter joy. Joy! They are just the cutest things in the whole world. I love them so much. The girl behind Hetty and Dave is one of my crafty chums so please support her incredible work. 

11. Favourite Beauty Item: Hurraw Lip Balms
Every girl needs a good lip balm or two...or maybe half a dozen? ;). That's how I'm getting with my Hurraw lip balm obsession, but they truly are amazing! They are all natural, super moisturing and have the most delicious flavours. The coconut and vanilla scents are my most loved and if you fancy reading more about their amazingness click right here for my review. Apologies if it makes you want them all ;). 

12. Favourite Blogger: Kayture (Kristina Bazan)
I feel a bit cruel picking a favourite blogger because my Bloglovin is FULL, choca-block full of blogs that I simply adore but I just wanted to highlight a blogger outside of the UK whose life I'd like to live for a day, and that's the reason I've picked her for this post. I'm talking about Kayture; otherwise known as the stunning Kristina Bazan. So stunning I actually cry, she's so beautiful it's a little unfair! She was born originally in Belarus but grew up in Geneva, Switzerland. Firstly I adore Switzerland, I spent some of happiest childhood memories there, and I honestly never wanted to leave. So, for that reason alone I love following her blog as a huge lover of Switzerland. 

Kristina has the looks of a model but the charm of any normal European girl despite obviously living in this incredible, exciting, high fashion world. Her style is so opulent, classical and feminine, and I just think she has one of the kindest souls in the fashion blogging world. She travels to the most exotic locations in the world, sits front row at all the best fashion shows but she seems constantly grateful, so positive and I think her story is incredibly inspiring. Just read THIS post and I'm so sure you will become as enchanted to her blog and her adventures as I am. Her blog for me is true escapism.

13. Favourite Youtuber: Shaaanxo
In a similar vein I also feel cruel just picking one Youtuber to highlight but I'm again going with someone who for 5 or 10 minutes transports your mind completely, and honestly, isn't that what's so magical about this digital age? Because I'm sure if it wasn't for the internet I'd have no idea who Shannon Harris is, the girl behind New Zealand's most subscribed channel Shaaanxo, is. Several of my family moved to New Zealand about 10 years ago and sadly I haven't made it over yet so I'm constantly wondering what life is like there. Shannon's videos just make me feel a little closer to them. 

Her make up talent is insanely good and she is such a machine with her Youtube it's incredible! She uploads three times a week, every single week, and from knowing how long it takes for me to make just one video I am in such awe! I also love her Vlog Channel for showing us glimpses of gorgeous New Zealand. Her boyfriend Hamish does an incredible job at vlogging on his channel  as well about New Zealand life. Actually, I really love other New Zealand beauty gurus like Sally Jo and Liv Loves Make Up. 

14. Favourite Music: Lorde
My last favourite is for music, and more love for New Zealand! I have actually dedicated a whole post for just my musical favourites which you can find right here, but just because it's so traditional to include a musician in my normal favourites post that is what I shall do! It was a really hard decision but I think it's got to go to Lorde. Her album 'Pure Heroine' has been my most played album this year.  And I know for some she's probably a little too outspoken, but honestly I think Lorde does say what so many think about a lot of the empty, materialistic 'musicians' of status that have become the focal point of the pop music world....or is it just me?! At just 18, she reminds me so very much of Jake Bugg in terms of her musical maturity for one so young. I think 'A World Alone' may just be my favourite track of the year. As with so many of Lorde's songs it offers a snapshot of her world which I think mirrors many others in their teens or early twenties so you just get the lyrics. It's such a stunning song.  

So there you go, that's what I loved in 2014. Have you made a favourites post for 2014 as well? Maybe list 14 favourites things this year and link me? I'd love to see! I hope 2015 is a magical year for each and every one of you. Thank you eternally for reading and supporting my blog this year. I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have known you through this little space I have on the internet. I never, ever forget that. 



  1. Loved this post! I really want to subscribe to My Little Box but I'm unsure how it works! Was Decembers box Fleurs or was that Novembers and Decembers is still to come out?

    Lots of Love,

    What Abby Loves

    1. Hi Abby! Thank you so much! I think the nearer to the middle of the month you get you are able to still get that current months box but if you head to their website contact them directly to double check. They have the best customer service :). Let me know if you get one! xoxo

  2. Vera Wang's Princess Perfume is one of my favourites~ ^ ^
    I have the Flower version! ^ - ^

    1. So glad you like it too Paige. I love it :) xoxo

  3. I LOVED GirlBoss! It was actually one of several books that I read when I decided to leave my 8-5 job and start my own Virtual Assistant Business!


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