My Little Box: My Little Energy Box January 2015

January is synonymous with health, dreams, desires and resolutions, so therefore it was no surprise that January's My Little Box would be all about that very theme and lovingly named, 'My Little Energy'. 

Because people seem to get their boxes through at different times, I'm going to just warn you there are spoilers after the cut ;).... 

I knew for almost certainty that the theme for 'My Little Box', and a January box, would be centred around health and fitness. Over the years I have become really interested in health and fitness so I'm more than okay with that. Past Georgie, as in back at school Georgie, may not have been so keen!

Inside the gorgeously illustrated box is a card that reads: 'Happy New Year, Happy New Dreams, Happy New Days, Happy New Desires, Happy New Energy, Happy 2015'. Although the novelty of this may wear off by June (just being realistic with myself!!) I'm definitely going to stick it at the front of my planner so I'm motivated to tackle everything I set out to do this year.

Beneath that is the first big gift and this month it's a little gym bag. I absolutely love the design of this, with a little triangle print and 'Good Energy is contagious' written on the side. If I was still 13 at school this would be my gym bag and I would be so made up! Problem is now that I just do a Pilates class (I adore Blogilates, by the way!) and I just need a mat for that. Nevertheless, it's going to be such a handy little bag for my post and other such errands. The only teeny negative thing I would say is that the fabric is very flimsy and see-through.

Next up we get the usual 'My Little World' magazine. This is actually one of my favourite editions so far. For such a small little magazine it's packed with great content from healthy recipes, exercises, hair how tos, and even a little random history on trainers! Underneath that there's a lovely little calendar. I kind of wish I got this a bit earlier because I'm all sussed for this type of thing this far into the year, but it will definitely have a use! It's apparently worth about £10 which is quite a lot I think. I don't know if the website translates but from my limited French translation it basically says it has games, quotes and positive thoughts throughout. It's the perfect sized little calendar and I'm sure I'll hang it proudly....somewhere!

And finally, nestled beneath all of the above is a darling little drawstring bag (I have so many now I need to think of imaginative ideas for them!) with beauty bits in. This month I'm so excited to try everything. Possibly more excited so far than previous boxes beauty wise. First up, there's a Talika Hydra Photo Beauty®, worth about £40, which aims to deeply moisturise and hydrate the skin. It contains Lipopeptides to soothe the skin, and Hyaluronic Acid which creates an effective water reservoir within the skin cells and plumps the skin for a rejuvenating and youthful complexion. I'm very intrigued to see how this one fairs with me. My skin is combination so I'll let you know how I find it.

The final beauty bits are a 'My Little Beauty Energising Mist' (worth about £7.50) which is a face and body mist that contains Vitamin C and green tea. It's aimed to refresh the appearance of dull skin and helps to re-energise a tired body. I'm very excited to try this as beauty mists are kind of my thing at the moment! Finally, a Nails Inc nail polish in the shade 'Tate'. Automatically I think of the Tate Modern, one of my favourite galleries in the world, so I'm already a little in love. This is a very 'me' shade that I love to rock all throughout the autumn and winter period so I'm very pleased indeed with this.

Overall one or two bits may not be as useful as I had imagined but I'm never, ever disappointed with 'My Little Box'. If anyone else got a My Little Box this month, what do you think? If not, would you be interested in signing up this year? My Little Box is £11 and I really do love it :).



  1. This is so cute! I love that it's about fitness!

    1. It really is! Great little fitness box :) xoxo


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