My Invisalign Experience: Second Appointment and Video Time Lapse

So today I'm back with the second post in my 'Invisalign Experience' journey. If you followed my first post which is here, you'll know the back story to why I'm getting Invisalign and the process so far.

My post today is going to be ridiculously short because that's what my appointment today was in general! After having my impressions done last month, today I went to see my Dentist who showed me a video of what my teeth currently look like, and through the treatment what they hope to look like. Because my particular condition is unfortunately on the more serious end of the scale (Class 3 malocclusion and it's also considered to be one of the most difficult and complex orthodontic problems to treat without a nasty sounding operation) it cannot guarantee the absolute perfect results 99% would have, but ultimately it's going to solve a lot of the issues I currently have, and that's truly all I can ask for.

As it happens, my pure coincidence, I was on Youtube and this video by Pointless Blog (aka Alfie Deyes who I'm sure doesn't need any introduction?!) came up on my recommended whilst searching for a video of this step. It's crazy good timing to show you all! If you skip to 2.50 you'll see Alfie going to his appointment where his dentist talks him through the video and the time lapse look at the treatment plan. My experience was 100% the same. Having said that, I am jealous how his teeth already looked so, so good already. Mine eye opener! It's not the teeth so much but I can truly see now the extent to my jaw issues: none of my back teeth do I eat?! Mystery! I was also told the treatment would take a minimum of 18 months.

In about 2 weeks my plates are due to arrive and I guess it's all go from there. As soon as I've had this appointment I'll be able to take some photos at home to show you all. So until then, please don't hesitate to leave me any questions you have about Invisalign below. You can also Tweet me.

If there's anything else you want to know about Invisalign then click here to visit their website with lots more information.



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