Music Monday: Zella Day

A few days I blogged about my favourite music from 2014. There are a few artists on that list that I haven't yet created a 'Music Monday' post for, and so to start the feature again for 2015, the artist I really want to talk about in more detail is the incredible Zella Day: my ultimate music crush of the moment.

I first discovered Zella's gorgeous music from Nylon Magazine, (who by the way are one of my favourite online spots to find great new music) and Free People (the video can be found above). Zella's full name is Zella Day Kerr and she grew up in Jerome, Arizona in a small mining town in the USA. She has that whole barefoot, boho flowing hair and guitar in tow kind of vibe that I adore, in fact, I'm a sucker for it! You've only got to know how obsessed I am with Haim to know that ;).  However, Zella is a singer-songwriter that's actually making some of the coolest electro pop music out there right now and that may surprise you (she definitely ranks with some of my fave Euro, Scandi acts). It's totally not when I expected when I saw photos of her (and constantly goes to show that you should never, ever judge a book by it's cover).

Sometimes you just know someone is set to be huge and this is how I feel about Zella. I also felt this way when I first heard Lorde's EP on Soundcloud and I truly think the same is going to happen for Zella Day. In fact, she has a musical hybrid, and I mean this in talent, lyrics, poise and style, that's not too dissimilar to Lorde and even Lana Del Rey so she's definitely set for amazing, incredible things.

Her EP is truly utterly mesmerising in a word. The first time I listened to it I immediately thought what perfect music it would be to work, because it was so soothing, and yet it is deeply enigmatic at the same time, twising and turning in new directions throughout every track. Because of this, I was actually completely transfixed and I just wanted to capture every moment when I first listened to it. ‘East Of Eden’ is the one I'd describe as being truly, truly mesmerising. It's so uplifting and has such sweet imagery. I feel transported to a sun-drenched Californian paradise!

I also love ‘Compass' because it truly displays Zella's impeccable vocal range and it has a melancholy piano riff throughout that draws you in completely. I've picked the track ‘Hypnotic’ for this post because it's become my recent favourite of hers. In a word? Sultry! It is such a seductive track with a kind of edgier side of production. To be honest I feel it wouldn't go amiss in a Bond film. Finally 'Sweet Orphelia'' contains that sultry vibe again with a production that sounds a little global and Indian almost, which again transports your ears and senses to a whole new adventure beyond her small-town Arizona roots. Stunning, stunning, stunning.

I hope this post goes some way to express how special and talented Zella Day. It's so exciting to  come across a musician who showcases such pure, raw talent; and I have no doubt of how exciting the future looks for her. To download her EP yourself, and I couldn't recommend this more, you can go right here.

Are there any other Zella Day fans out there? Or are you now an official fan after reading this? Let me know what music and artists you're loving right now.

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  1. I just found you on elle fowler's blog since we are both listed on there right now... and I absolutely love your site!! it's gorgous! :) i am going to follow right now lol!

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    3. Hahaa aww no worries you have a new follower anyway :) xoxo


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