Music Monday: Anna Of The North

I swear, there must be something special over in the Scandinavia waters, because it seems that lately every single song I hear from there is just a true gem. My current obsession is Norwegian dream-pop songstress Anna of the North, and I've wanted to make her my 'Music Monday' for a while now.

From her stage name alone, it's pretty easy to guess where Anna hails from. Although apart from this, I've struggled a little to find any biographical details about her. However, If you hit play on the track I've included in this post 'Sway', it's pretty clear you will instantly be transported to the dreamy Norwegian landscape that Anna is naturally so very proud of. When I think of Norway, which is, by the way, most definitely one of the most breathtaking landscapes on earth, her music instantly calls to mind spectacular northern light displays, frozen lakes, and mountainous scenery.

'Sway' is an example of my perfect Scandinavian track (and some of you by now will know how much I adore my Scandi-pop). Her utterly dreamy, delicate vocal fuses with a flurry of shimmery synths and a hypnotic beat that will make you truly chilled and that is just so irresitable. The title name 'Sway' is therefore ever so fitting, as you literally find yourself swaying along in your own little world. There's something so effortless about this track, so easy-flowing and so blissful that without even knowing, you'll find yourself listening to it again, and again, and again. So much so, that this is the part of the song that is just so dreamy that I just want to play on loop constantly.

If you want to hear more of Anna's music head to her Soundcloud. There's a gorgeous, grandiose song in homage to the beautiful Norwegian capital 'Oslo' that's available as a free download so definitely grab that while you can. I just know 2015 is going to be an exciting year for Anna. I'm hoping she gets some airplay across European radio stations and tours sometime soon.

Have any of you heard of Anna of the North? Are you a huge Scandinavian music fan like myself? If you enjoyed Anna's music you may also like this previous 'Music Monday' post I created for Frida Sundemo. To stay up to date with Anna follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.



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