How I Celebrated New Year's Eve 2014

I'm currently spending the first day of 2015 watching the Wizard of Oz on TV with my diary and planners all around me and I just wanted a little break to show you all how I spent New Year's Eve.

My Mum created a little tradition a few years ago where the family comes together for a 6 to 7 course meal (I can't remember how many actually, shamefully!) and between each course we receive a little gift. Each course often changes yearly, but the staple tradition is a beef wellington complete with the year written out in pastry to decorate! It's such a creative, thoughtful idea my Mum dreamt up all those years ago, and I both admire and feel so grateful for every little care she takes with it all.

I was really spoilt with gifts this year so I thought I'd highlight them above. I got some jewellery bits from my Mum and Dad's travels to South Africa, some beauty bits from their trip to Greece (it's easy to get jealous of their exotic travels, I know!), some Kimmi fragrances, a MAC lipstick in 'Divine Choice' (and let me just tell you, it is utterly divine!), some gloves you can use a phone or tablet with (SO useful for chilly photo shoots!) and a very pretty bath pillow. After our meal, it's nearly midnight to be honest, so we again celebrate the momentous occasion together!

As for resolutions for the year, well as I expressed in my post just yesterday I'm not a fan, and I much prefer to work towards goals. 2014 was a very painful year, with the loss of my Nana so I don't look back on it favourably but I'm just pleased to have the past as it is and look towards the future with hope and optimism.

I'd love to know how you all celebrated New Year's Eve, or if it doesn't really mean anything to you? I truly wish you all a very magical, happy New Year. Thank you endlessly for your love and support.



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