Terrific Project Business Wall Planner by Veronica Dearly

With just a few days to go until we say hello to 2015 I wanted to feature a few things I'm planning to use to make sure I stay organised and focussed in the new year (well, at least attempt to!). See, naturally I'm not a very organised person, in fact, I'm completely un-organised and I really need pretty, motivating tools to keep me on track. For the first time ever I used a huge wall planner and I found having everything laid out in front of me really helped me to see the bigger picture of the whole year.

I just purchased a really cheap wall planner last year and whilst it did the job, you know, sometimes you just need pretty things in life! I headed to Not On The High Street as I know they sell so many wonderful diaries and planners made by talented indie designers. I will admit to searching for 'pretty wall planners' and found this design by Veronica Dearly. It is perfect. Absolutely perfect! Full of colour, gorgeous polka dot print and what's more, it's filled with daily motivations such as 'don't settle', 'stop comparing', 'dress for success' and so much more. Even better, you're encouraged to use the hashtag #ttheterrificproject to share in these moments with so many others. I love this idea!

I can't wait to use a planner now and it's going to look super cute in my new studio. I never ever thought I would say I'm excited to use a planner, so proof this is the one! If you want to grab a Terrific Project Business Wall Planner in the sale for just £6.50 click here. How do you all stay organised? Do you use wall planners, journals, diaries? Let me know all your tips and tricks below.

Oh and if you want to know the talent behind this planner then Veronica's website is right here. I'm really in love with her quirky graphics!



  1. Love this idea - those little motivational words would do me the world of good! I use two journals to stay organised as well as a handful of Post-it notes ;) Might have to fire you a quick email next week/year (hoho) to pick your brains Georgie xx

    1. Of course my darling! Inbox always open sweet girl <3 xoxo


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