Fleur De Force My Little Box Collaboration

When this arrived on my doorstep last weekend after a day escaping to the gorgeous Wiltshire and Somerset, I couldn't wait to discover the December treats in store! This months My Little Box is a collaboration with Youtube's gorgeous Fleur De Force. In case you haven't had your box yet I'm going to just tease you with the cover of the box and then if you want to see what's inside, join me after the cut....

I feel that in a word this box is: chic. Utterly chic and so Fleur. From the pretty illustration of Fleur on the box surrounded by pastel polka dots, to the classic pieces inside, it's very true to her style and tastes. As normal you have a little card with a quote on. I'm in the process of making a little arrangement of these as they're just so adorable! Next up is the monthly 'My Little World' magazine with a gorgeous image of Fleur on the front. And this is my definitely my favourite edition of the magazine so far that is though small, packed with recipes, a photo shoot, holiday DIYs, gift wrapping features and an interview with Fleur herself. 

Deeper into the box we go and there's a charming little set of Christmas wrapping essentials from making tape, tags to some monochrome twine. If you're into modern Christmas wrapping this is perfect. It definitely has a Mollie Makes cool vibe to it as well. I've actually wrapped all of my present nows although this is definitely going to be used in the future. If you need advice with your wrapping you'll find many in the little magazine.

Finally, a gorgeous gift of beauty bits and a sweet sparkling knitted headband. Because I can make the latter items myself I'm going to donate this one item but otherwise I feel everything else in the box will receive a lot of love and use. The beauty bits this month are particularly impressive as you would expect from a subscription box collaborating with one of the UK's biggest beauty bloggers, Fleur! In the sweet cotton drawstring bag (titled 'Do All Things with Love') you will find: a My Little Beauty Red Lipstick, a Cowshed body lotion and a mini L'occitane facial moisturiser. I am so excited to try everything! The red lipstick looks really vivid and perfect for brightening both a dull winters day or as we draw closer to spring and summer. And in particular, I am super intrigued to see how the L'occitane moisturiser fairs seeing as it is such a luxe brand. 

In a nutshell December's box is as always such a gorgeous, lovely little selection, and congratulations to Fleur for this exciting opportunity! To read more about Fleur's story behind this collaboration she blogged about it here. I'm also really excited to get a copy of Fleur's book as it sounds just my sort of thing. Is anyone else a fan of Fleur's Youtube channel?

How many of you are also subscribed to My Little Box? If not, would you be interested in signing up in 2015? I really do hope that more countries other than the UK and France can witness this lovely little box for themselves as well. For £11 (inc postage and packaging) it's incredible value and something I treasure each month.



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