Favourite Music from 2014

Every Monday I try my best to compile my favourite music artist at that moment to share in a 'Music Monday' post. I have so many amazing artists I have discovered this year that I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to round up what music I've loved listening to in 2014.

1. Zella Day

I was so excited to discover Zella Day's stunning music this year. She has that whole barefoot, boho flowing hair and guitar in tow kind of vibe but the Arizona singer-songwriter is making some of the coolest electro pop music out there (and definitely ranks with some of my fave Euro, Scandi acts). I definitely need to make a Music Monday post dedicated to Zella Day but until then her incredible EP can be found here.

2. Josef Salvat

I love Josef Salvat. His EP, 'In Your Prime' is my go-to if I need music to soothe me after a long, hard day. His music could be described as electro-pop, especially tracks such as “Open Season" where Josef's sweet, honey vocals mix with pulsating rhythms that I adore. Click here to read my Music Monday Post about Josef Salvat. 

3. Verite

Okay so I'm going to just say there's a theme going on right now: I really love electro-pop, and Verite does it oh-oh-so-well. Her sound is so in right now and she's more than ready to steal the limelight in 2015. If you love Ellie Goulding or Katy Perry you'll love this Brooklyn beautie's sounds. Click here to read my Music Monday Post about Verite.

4. Frida Sundemo

I'm so in love with Frida Sundemo's beautiful music, but generally I adore Scandipop full stop. But Frida's music is particularly special, because it's truly enchanting and it encapsulates everything I love so very much about Sweden. Click here to read my Music Monday Post about Frida Sundemo.

5. Billie Marten

Billie Marten is a very talented little lady at just 15 years old. 15 years old. Sometimes life is so unfair ;). But seriously, Billie's hauntingly beautiful, mesmerising sound is not so dissimilar to the likes of Lucy Rose and Laura Marling, and she's absolutely one to watch for 2015. Click here to read my Music Monday Post about Billie Marten

6. Lorde

I think everyone has heard about Lorde, right? She's probably the most 'mainstream' artist from this whole list but people are so silly to think that automatically means it's a bad thing. I adore Lorde. In fact, I have 'Pure Heroine' in my car still all these months on from the release, and although I swap CDs around I always, always come back to this album. It just...speaks to me I think. It's magical, it's so raw. At just 18, she reminds me so very much of Jake Bugg in terms of her musical maturity for one so young. It's also so amazing to see someone from New Zealand having such a moment too as I love New Zealand. You may have heard 'Royals' a million times I know, but check out every other one of her amazing tracks on her Soundcloud or my absolute faves Buzzcut Season and World Alone.

7. First Aid Kit

Because by now we've established I adore Sweden and all things Swedish it's no surprise I have so much love for First Aid Kit. If you haven't heard of them before, they are a gorgeous duo formed by sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg. They create such a dreamy, perfect folk-pop sound with stunning, emotive lyrics. Their whole album 'Stay Gold' is wonderful and I'm so, so excited to see them live next month!

8. Noosa

I have only recently discovered Noosa's enchanting music whilst leaving my Soundcloud to aimlessly wander one evening. What a chance discovery because Noosa's dreamy music is just what I love. Again electro-pop, put sprinkled with a glittering ish production, with a fantastical, daydream quality. I'll be sure to feature her on my blog soon, but to hear more about her head to her Facebook Page.

9. Banks

Banks isn't an artist who I thought I would necessary be so into but her track 'Beggin For Thread' definitely makes my top 10 most played tracks this year. It's so gritty, so raw and I'm so hooked on the production. I have listened to her album in bits and pieces but it's this song that really connects with me.

10. Lauren Aquilina
I feel like Lauren needs to be super, super famous right now in the UK because she's so brilliantly talented. Born in Bristol and at just 19 she has beautifully crafted soul-inflected piano pop that mixes perfectly with her honey-sweet vocals and lifting melodies. 'Lover or Liars' is probably my favourite track of hers because it's so full of that soaring emotion and relatable lyrics that I love about her music.


Bonus: Troye Sivan
I wanted to throw in a bonus little musical number simply because I know everyone has heard of Youtube sensation Troye Sivan. Firstly I honestly think he has the cutest personality in the world. I can totally see why he won so many hearts because he's just so adorable. But more than that, he's ridiculously talented. Probably one of the most multi-talented Youtube stars I can think of. He sings, he acts and he just seems really, really nice. Le sigh, eh? ;). When I heard he would be coming out with an EP I didn't think it would be my thing in a million, trillion years but oh boy he's good. His music is a hybrid combination of synth-pop and smooth Rn'B to my ears, and the latter is really not something I'd normally be in to. 'Happy Little Pill', is so different from the kind of Top 40 tracks around and is so intelligently produced, and has such a silky-smooth vibe. And I really enjoyed the whole of his EP. It definitely demonstrates a certain level of maturity, from yet another musician who’s well beyond their teenage years.

I hope you enjoyed the selection above. What artists have you loved this year? If you're into the above sound and want to hear more you can visit my Soundcloud page here and listen to my Playlist.



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