A Little What I Got For Christmas 2014

I didn't actually plan on doing this blog post but I really enjoyed the lovely Becky's and Kayleigh's  posts and I thought it would just be something totally different for my blog and in turn, I'd really love to know what you all got for Christmas, (if you celebrate), so please do share what you got! Also, what were your favourite presents to give this year? I always love buying for my Mum because she's just an older version of me, really! But less beauty more fashion. I also got my brother a Womble. Yes a Womble. That was probably my favourite present to gift this year ;).

I've included some of my favourite presents above and I'm so incredibly thankful for everything. Everything is me to an absolute tee. My Granny gave me Marc Jacob's 'Daisy Dream' perfume which has honestly been on my wish list forever. And shock horror: no vanilla! But it's such a gorgeous floral, fruity fragrance and I adore the coconut water kick. I can tell this is going to be my spring go-to-scent. And in a similar vein, I got lots of other gorgeous smelling items from LUSH. My two favourite products ever: American Cream and Snow Fairy. Love, love, love!

In a quest to stay organised and on-top of all in 2015 my brother got me a Cath Kidston diary. I really love her diaries. There's mini shopping lists you can rip out at the back, it has an address book, ample room for notes and thoughts and well, it's Cath Kidston, so it's just super pretty to boot! I also love that it's small enough to carry around with me. I can't cope with diaries that aren't entirely mobile.

Just a few final bits and bobs I wanted to share that I love are two new craft books to add to my collection. The BBC 'Sewing Bee' book and Tilly Walnes (pretty much one of my crafting inspirations!) 'Love at First Stitch' and I can't wait to get stuck into the projects in both.

Finally just two random little presents I adore. One is my very treasured shopper bag from Laduree. I must just thank Miss Purvis this year for taking me to Laduree for the very first time (I knooooow!) because now it's a pretty big part of my trips to London! On a recent visit walking by, I fell in love with this shopper bag. It's so cute, so shiny and just so chic. I probably won't cart my shopping from the market in it, although it will get a lot of use for meetings and for events where only a Laduree bag will do! And the little Owl? This was a very sweet extra present from my Mum. Story is here. ;).

I hope you liked this different post from me, getting on board the whole 'What I Got For Christmas' trend. Don't forget I want to know your favourites gift this year: both to give and receive.



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