The Beauxoxo Youtube Channel

As most of you I'm sure noticed by now, since Google and Youtube became joined to the hip, it's made having one without the other rather challenging. I've had my 'Dreams That Glitter xoxo' Youtube Channel for very many years now, and it makes me very sad to say goodbye to it, but I'm simply moving to a new channel because my main Google account simply will not work with that old channel. So, say hai, hello and howdy to, at last! It feels so nice to finally have a custom domain that's related to Beauxoxo

From now on all my videos will now be uploaded to this channel. I'll be posting videos about Beauxoxo, how to tutorials using my hair accessories and also the normal DIY and crafting videos I did on my original channel. If you could subscribe it would be ever so wonderful, and if you have any requests, please leave them below!

And if any of you have a Youtube channel you want me to check out leave it in the comments and I'd love to see. 

I hope you're all having a very lovely weekend. 



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