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 So the other day I had a really surreal trip to town. Firstly, I pop to Superdrug and see Zoella, Tanya Burr and Ruth Crilly's beauty ranges, and then pop to WHSmiths and see a huge poster for Zoe's new book. Now before I dive into this post do I really need to explain who Zoella is? I'm thinking possibly not, because Zoe Sugg (the girl behind brand Zoella) is one of the internet's biggest success stories. Zoe started her blog back in 2009, followed by a highly successful Youtube channel and her following has grown and grown well into the millions. With this stratospheric online success many incredible opportunities have come Zoe's way and beyond her blog and Youtube you may have seen her on TV, in numerous magazines, and so much more. To top it all off, this year sees Zoe launching two huge ventures: Zoella Beauty and her first novel coming out in November, called 'Girl Online'. 

From following Zoe's adventures from the very beginning and even being fortunate enough to win one of her contests many, many years ago, I just beam with pride every time I see her name mentioned or her successes just rise and rise and rise. She really is the sweetest girl and I just think in this day and age to have role models like Zoe for younger girls is really lovely. I actually talked at length in this blog post here about the whole Youtube/Blogging movement and so to avoid repeating myself give that a little read if you please to sum up my whole thoughts, because today it's all about Zoe's beauty range. 

I've been so super late checking this all out so you will probably now all know by now what's what, but here are my thoughts. Just a note that I actually got most of this for a little treat in December. So stay tuned for that on Facebook.

Guinea Pig Beauty Bag- £8

This is just SO Zoe, and it's just so Zoella brand all over. It's pink, it has polka dots and a Guinea Pig in glasses, I repeat, a Guinea Pig in glasses. Cuteness overload? Yes, but this is so perfect for the whole range. Every school girl across the world is going to love to have this in their bags to hold little  PE essentials or maybe even pencils. I would actually love for girls to maybe use this as a 'mini emergency' kit because I had one of these, I mean actually what am I on about, I still have one. It's very sturdy, very roomy and because of the oil-cloth coating would make cleaning stains easy peasy.

Soak Opera Bath Soak and Shower Cream- £5

This is a very luxurious feeling bath soak and shower cream enriched with Shea Butter, Aloe and Vitamin E so it leaves your skin feeling very indulged indeed. Because of this, I find just in the bath alone you won't get bundles of bubbles, but really the loveliest way to use it is as a shower cream wash. The scent is a very delicate sweet clean floral so it won't interfere with any lotions and potions you want to use after a bath or shower. And the packaging is very, very gorgeous indeed. A pretty pink top and an equally gorgeous lacey label which perfectly matches Zoe's overall branding.

Blissful Mistful- £8 

This body spray is my favourite from the whole range. The fragrance matches that of the whole Zoella Beauty range, that floral, fruity feel but this has, to my nose, a little hint of woody notes which lingers ever so slightly so it's far more than just a spritz and go type of thing. The packaging is again perfectly Zoe, with polka dots and signature font. I think again this would be perfect for a school bag, or to fling in your gym or handbag. It's a mist so it's lovely to freshen up during the day or even after a bath or shower. I really love this little thing.

Let's Glow Candle- £5

Now I don't use candles, because a) I have asthma and b) I'm kind of afraid of them, so I can't review this one properly, (it's for my giveaway to come soon), but I can tell you from smelling it alone it has the same classic Zoella Beauty scent, but a few woody and vanilla notes come through more strongly from this. I can imagine this being a really lovely calming one for autumn and winter time, and I think this would be a favourite for so many.

So that's my mini Zoella Beauty review. I'm so super proud of Zoe for everything she achieves today and will continue to achieve. There's no doubt she's a superstar! It's really rather wonderful to think of the possibilities that blogging can bring. That exciting moment of publishing your very blog post to the point, like Zoe, where you are on a journey to a hugely successful career from living out your hobby. As I always say, the Zoella story is the ultimate dream. And it's so exciting that a girl who started blogging not knowing where this could go, now has the vision to create a successful, conscious and heart-centered business on her own terms. I think that truly sums up Zoella Beauty. It's all of Zoe and it's loyal to not only herself but to her fans too.

Have any of you tried the Zoella Beauty range and what are your thoughts on it? Has it inspired you to take your blogging to the next level? The range is available at Superdrug and Feel Unique.



  1. I'm so incredbly amazed about this collection as just goes to show what dedication and being a nice person can make you achieve. Zoe is such an inspiration and I've been very impressed with her collection. xx :o)

    1. Exactly Lizaboo! It's an incredibly inspiring story xoxo


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