Anna Sui Fashion Idea Book

As many of you already know two of my favourite fashion designers are Anna Sui and Betsey Johnson. I have loved both for as long as I can remember. I am very fortunate to own the most beautiful Anna Sui dress and that, along with her perfumes, are items I truly treasure. In fact, I have a box filled with empty Anna Sui perfumes just because they are that dear to me! My very first perfume was 'Sui Love' and oh how I loved it! Let's take a little look inside this new item in my Anna Sui collection....

From being a very loyal and long time fan of Anna Sui's work I therefore beamed with delight when I spotted this book in Waterstones. Anna Sui is known and renowned for her timeless designs and ability to transcend eras with her timeless, historical and culturally inspired fashion collections. This is all combined perfectly in her Fashion Idea book. You can really escape into the world of Anna Sui with this sketchbook designed book. There are blank pages for drawing your own creative ideas alongside Anna Sui fashion illustrations, interspersed with scans of her vibrant textiles, and inspiring quotes from her twenty year career as one of the most beloved fashion designers. 

If you're a fan of Anna Sui like myself this is such a wonderful piece to own because it's so Anna Sui from front to back. It would also be lovely if you're a fashion or art student, or just a creator in general to gather your thoughts in such a stunning way. 

For just £13.99 I think this would make a lovely, thoughtful present for any fashion lover. For more information click here.

Do any of you own this book? Are any of you Anna Sui fans?



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