What I love in Fall and Autumn

This time last year I compiled a little list of everything I loved about the autumnal and fall season and I want to do it again but with some more links to things I've found on Youtube, other blogs or simply just Pinterest, because you all know how I'm just way, way too into that!

So chai tea and cosy socks at the ready, here's what I'm embracing and loving this season.

Autumnal Make Up

Autumnal make up is so just so classic and what I love most is how put together it looks but actually for me, to pull off a look so quintisentially fall, i.e, deep red lips and a neutral eye, is so quick and easy to achieve. If you type 'fall make up' into Youtube you will get overwhelmed with looks but to make the search easier for you, have a little watch of the lovely Shannon's tutorial above. It's an image I've seen so, so many times on Pinterest and she has done the perfect job of re-creating it.

Autumnal Food
As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, it's tempting to indulge in comfort foods, which is what many like about this season but for me, I love all the abundance of healthy autumnal recipes you can make with some of my favourite fruits and vegetables that are currently in season. With everything from the infamous pumpkins to sweet potatoes, beetroot and parsnip it's all just so nourishing and yummy. I found this list on Pinterest of the best autumnal foods and their health benefits. It's a great little resource. If you're not really tempted by what I've just shared and still want to cling onto your Cadbury's Hot Chocolate try easing your way in with these lush vegetable crisps. They are so easy to make and a million times more tasty than normal crisps!

Pumpkin Carving
I adore pumpkin carving, making them into total pieces of art. I found these genius Doughnut Pumpkins on Pinterest, of course! But the possibilities are simply endless. You can add lace details to pumpkins, spray paint, make them into a bottle holder; see endless possibilities!

Autumn Fashion
It's so much fun to play with autumn fashion trends because as us Brits do so well, tis all about the layering! You can also play with really dressy pieces, like lace, and make them casual with tights and boots. For my latest Beauxoxo photo shoot I styled my new velvet bow headbands with some of my favourite lace tops and dresses but I wear them in summer too but the velvet gave it a whole new look and feel. I also love chunky knits, cardis with tea dresses and I know I've mentioned tights, but oh wow, I'm so excited to break into my rather extensive collection of tights again!!

Cosy Nights In

After months of enjoying the outdoor life and seeing friends, travelling etc, little home comforts is something many actually get quite excited about, and I know I'm one of these people! Even if it's just general sorting out at home or curled up in front of the TV watching a favourite film or box set, reading your favourite book in bed or having a little autumnal pamper evenings sometimes staying in is the new going out! I'll leave you with this Big Bang Theory scene I love so much because it makes me want to watch the series from the start until now and the Pennyblossom episode is basically me at Beauxoxo!!

And that's my little fall and autumnal round up. I actually also found this lovely autumnal list on my Facebook page which is very much inspired by this post. I hope this fall and autumn season is already treating you well, and for all my lovely southern hemisphere readers, I hope you're enjoying the beautiful start of Spring!

Let me know what you love about autumn and fall the most.



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