Wednesday Wishlist

Christmas is coming and I've been basically eyeing up a lot of little pretty things in beauty and fashion land that I thought would make lovely gift ideas for yourself or loved ones. If you're doing the same, please link me to your posts and we can all wish together ;)

Lime Crime Venus Eyeshadow Palette

When I spotted a preview for this eyeshadow palette on Lime Crime's Facebook page I'm not going to lie I was a little taken a back because as someone who has studied art quite extensively the idea of seeing an iconic image of Botticelli's Venus with blue hair was a teeny bit shocking but my view has definitely changed now and I really like it! The colours inside are also stunning and for Lime Crime, the brand that for example stock a yellow lipstick, it's very wearable! I'm loving the rust, very grunge nudes and it's so me. I cannot wait to get my hands on this! I'm just crossing all my fingers and toes I get this when it launches as I'm always unlucky with getting my hands on the latest Lime Crime release on the day. I'll let you know. For swatches head here.

Too Faced La Belle Carousel and Under The Mistletoe Lipstick Set
I've always felt that Too Faced have some of the prettiest packaging around, and this is perfectly the case in their new Christmas collection for 2014. I'm never normally like this but I want it ALL. The two items that have truly captured my heart is 'Belle Carousel', a delightful little set of different palettes, all joining together in carousel form and the lipstick set. I'm not going to lie, the sparkly case alone is making me crazy enough for the lipstick set. How pretty a make up bag would this be? I just want to credit the amazing Shannon (aka New Zealand beauty blogger extraordinaire xoshaaan) for the above photo and she's done an amazing round up of the whole Christmas collection here

Hetty and Dave Animal Glitter Shoes
So as you all know, I adore my lovely crafty chum Zoe from Hetty and Dave. She's a local crafter to me and I find her whole approach to business and her creativity hugely, hugely inspiring. You may also know that I have a growing collection of Zoe's wonderful animal shoes so it's only natural that I want a glittery pair or two to complete my collection. But, dear friends, the question is: Kitty cats or Mouse shoes? Can you please let me know which you like best? I of course want them both but you know, trying to be restraint! 

Mod Dolly Velvet Smock Dress
As you know from my Beauxoxo Velvet Bow Headband range (oh and whilst I think about it, my velvet turban headbands too!), I'm very in love with velvet. I know it's a bit love and hate for many, but I think it is utterly luxurious and beautiful. I always struggle to find lovely velvet clothing I like as a lot is very skintight and just not my style. This Mod Dolly velvet dress however is just so perfect. It has a sweet lace peter-pan collar and a divine navy velvet smock look. I cannot wait to get this in my life! And I love that a dress like this can be as easy to dress up, as it is to dress down.

I think I'm going to stop there before I get carried away because let's face it, wish list are fun and all, but it is satisfying to have a mini list you can actually save up for! Fingers crossed I pick up some of these pieces over the next few months and I'll share my thoughts. Especially the Lime Crime palette as I think this will populate the beauty bloggers community very quickly!

So what's on your wish list at the moment? I can always, always be enabled more ;).



  1. The Too Faced stuff looks amazing! I absolutely love the packaging, it's so pretty!

    // Oh Dollymix

    1. Awww I know I've fallen so in love with it :) xoxo

  2. The dress is incredibly pretty!

    1. Aww I know Mod Dolly is such a gorgeous brand :) xoxo


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