My Little Box, My Little Parisienne Box Edition

  I feel like a blogger only oh, only two or three years behind the times, because everyone who is anyone seems to have grasped the beauty box trend. There's Glossybox, Birchbox (?) and Feel Unique (I know there's more, help me out guys?!), and I do believe there are similar ideas for food too like Graze? Anyway, I know for sure that I have seen so many monthly boxes doing the online/blogging world, and yet none have ever captured my attention, or enticed me enough to actually want to be apart of it all. That is until I found My Little Box.....

And so like so many wonderful things My Little Box started in Paris, and as the gorgeous little sticker said when you open your box: 'Paris is always a good idea' (Oh Audrey Hepburn, how much I love you so!).

It all started with a girl in France who loved Paris, her city, and wanted to share all the hidden treasures and latest trends that every Parisian girl should know. From here, the My Little Paris website was born with an amazing community of over 80,000. This then led to 'My Little Box' as we know it now, where each month everyone signed up receives a gorgeous little themed box straight to their door. The themes will vary on the seasons or for special occasions. So for example, a Love box may be sent in February, a Christmas box in December and so on, but this is also mixed with more random themes such as a Nautical box, or the Geek box etc.

Whatever the theme, and whatever the month, you can be guaranteed that your darling little box will contain lots of little goodies that all tie into the overarching concept. The first UK edition of 'My Little Box' of course just had to have a Parisienne theme and inside you were gifted with: A Paris postcard, Paris themed stickers, a little notebook (it also contains a little bio which is nice and I just adore the Kanako illustrations which for me really set this whole brand apart), a sweet drawstring bag home to a Laura Mercier foundation primer, a Nuxe oil and a My Little Beauty highlighter pen (from the My Little Paris beauty range) and a laptop/gadget case (which houses my Macbook perfectly!).

I am so delighted by everything I got in my Parisienne box, and to me, it goes above and beyond a few mere beauty samples, which is actually at first what I might have thought, but in truth, it's a whole lifestyle you are getting each month from Paris. And oh how the French know a thing or two about style and knowing what every girls needs and wants!

I feel like we've seen every imaginable incarnation of subscription boxes over the years, promising to introduce us to new products and brands that we simply must try, but with My Little Box it feels so fresh and so exciting. And best of all this little box of wonders is just £11 plus £3.95 P+P (and just so you know I'm subscribed so this isn't a PR example). That's beyond reasonable! If you want to get an idea as to what be right around the corner you can browse some of the previous boxes that have been released in France.

Je suis en amour avec ma petite boîte, et mon petit Paris! But how about you? ;)

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  1. This is the cutest box..I wish they wd send to the U.S.!

    1. I have a feeling they will expand in the future :) xoxo

  2. Ahhhh wow that seems like such a lovely little box!

    // Oh Dollymix

  3. These are such a great idea, my work (I'm a makeup artist) was on the cover of the magazine in the London edition. Love that Primer, I need to get me some more.
    Raffles Bizarre Blog

    1. Awww yay that's so fab, well done you. Did you manage to get a copy? xoxo


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