My Little Box: Diane Von Furstenberg Edition

Just a few weeks ago I was cooing over the September My Little Box and now it's already a new month, and a new box! Let's see what treasures lie within. 

In case you didn't know from my last post I have an obsession and it's called 'My Little Box'. The theme for last month was all things Parisienne, and utterly chic, but this month it was all focus on the iconic fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg. I actually saw a snippet in LOOK Magazine a week or so ago so I already knew what the theme would be, and I must say that DVF and My Little Box is a rather perfect partnership.

To save boring you all to tears check out my last blog post to understand about the My Little Box concept. But as stated above everything in the October box this month was based around the wonderful Diane Von Furstenberg, so as you can imagine, everything from the box design to the contents was utterly luxe and sophisticated. Diane is one of the most famous fashion designers around but she's also a philanthropist; a very talented, fascinating and inspiring lady. She is however best known for introducing the wrap dress in the 1970s, which has become a iconic dress shape ever since, and Diane is also known for her bold, gorgeous prints.

This month’s DVF 'My Little Box' houses 5 treasures with a mixture of beauty products and fashion. Firstly, you had a gorgeous illustrated card with a DVF quote on, and then, something I was so excited to see, the 'My Little World Magazine'. This is the first edition here in the UK and it is just as I imagined. Whilst small, it is packed with lovely articles. You have, of course, a feature dedicated to Diane herself with a lovely interview and then some recipes and even offers and discounts at the back.

Then, the showstopper of the whole box: A DVF Print Scarf. I was so excited to see this. It is made from a high-quality silky material and it's such a versatile fashion piece, with multiple ways of styling and thus makes it the perfect piece to add to a box like this. If you need some suggestions on how to style your new scarf, head to their website to see some ideas. And if there isn't enough of a statement DVF piece, I then spied a very cute red lip-shaped brooch which are derived from a cover which Diane Von Furstenberg did for 'Interview Magazine' back in 1976. After this event it naturally became the logo for DVF so I thought it was a lovely touch to include it in brooch form for the box because it's such a classic DVF piece to own.

The beauty items this month were presented in a darling drawstring bag with 'DVF' on. This is again something you'll always want to treasure alone. Inside the bag you are treated to: A My Little Beauty Micellar Water (not available to purchase in the UK yet but the French website is here), a Kerastase Hairspray and a L'Occitane Hand Cream. I'm not a fan of the Kerastase brand (ethics based) so I'll be donating this to my Mum or a friend but I can't wait to try everything else. The L'Occitane hand creams are so handy for adding to your handbag (plus it's Vanilla which is my most favourite scent) and I actually haven't tried that many micellar water products so I'm excited to try this.

Overall I loved everything in this box apart from the Kerastase and for £11 (minus P&P) to own such gorgeous DVF items is just ridiculous, really! I really impressed with this box because I think Diane embodies everything you imagine when you think of European style, and I just think it blends so well with the overall style and aesthetic of 'My Little Box'.

So, how many of you are also subscribed to My Little Box? If not, would you be interested in signing up?

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  1. I am so envious, this box looks gorgeous, but My Little Box doesn't ship to Austria... :-(


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