Music Monday: VÉRITÉ

I'm so pleased to post about my 'Music Monday' artist today because I think I have discovered a really exciting new soulful pop songstress who goes by the name of VÉRITÉ. So you Ellie Goulding, Katy Perry and Lana Del Rey fans, take note, and get your ears pinged and ready for this musical offering I have for you today!

As so often with my 'Music Monday' posts the artists are so new that it can be difficult to piece too much of their background but what I do know is that VÉRITÉ, who goes by the name of Kelsey Byrne, is from the ever-so wonderful New York City, in the USA. On her Soundcloud page, VÉRITÉ shares three very unique and different tracks displaying her music talents, which really struck me as nowadays this can be highly unusual.

So first of all there is the track 'Echo', which, okay, I'm going to get my technical muso hat on now (it doesn't come out much!) and describe this as polyrhythmic perfection! Oh yes! The beat will grab your attention alone, but coupled with VÉRITÉ's stunning breathy ethereal tone to her voice you get something gorgeously magical emerging, a little tribal almost, and the notes of harmony are just so magical.

We then move onto the track 'Weekend', which is truly a beautiful pop music gem and opens with a harmony that soars into a hook so catchy, it will be hard to forget! Completely energising and everything you'd imagine a song depicting the weekend should be, but take a closer listen to the lyrics and you get a darker side to this track that gives the song so much more intrigue. When asked to discuss the meaning behind 'Weekend' through Idolator Kelsey Byrne said: "The song was written to be a snapshot of a moment. It's caught between the nostalgia of everything that was exhilarating and the reality of how temporary that elation can be. Conceptually it came from a snapshot of a scenario. An old friend of mine lived on this quiet, dead end residential street with bright florescent lights. I had the image of us falling down in the stillness of the scene. From the first line, the song winds up being an ode to the nostalgia of how, despite how sick we were or how insane things get, we can take moments from the craziest times and glorify them as being absolutely perfect.” I really love this meaning and I think it's incredibly true of what for many weekends seem to be about (the video illustrates this well) but do we ever stop to wonder how happy this makes people?

Finally we have the track 'Strange Enough' which if the lyrics are anything to by, seems to point to an ill-fated relationship: “Cause I wanna fall, but every time you leave me down on the floor, picturing the ways we move, cause nothing ever stays the same”. It contains a powerhouse of that stunning ethereal voice that is now so undeniably VÉRITÉ and it has an electronic melody which to me is so utterly seductive it draws you in to Kelsey's emotions.

Although VÉRITÉ only has a few tracks at present I think the future looks really, really bright for this Brooklyn star. She is also offering her tracks as a free download on her Soundcloud page, so I highly recommend you download them and then post about her on your blogs or maybe use her music in Youtube videos as I know this is something that made Florrie hugely successful.

I'm so excited to have discovered VÉRITÉ and I honestly think she's ready for her big break now. Her electro-pop sound is so in right now and she's more than ready to steal the limelight. Have any of you heard of VÉRITÉ before? To keep up to date with her music click here.


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