Beginners Guide To Portrait Photography and A Giveaway

As all blogger's know it's a competitive world out there, so if you're really serious about your blogging you need to make sure your photography is on point. I hear a lot of top bloggers discussing what attracts them to new blogs and it's always the visuals that seems to be the main drawing point.

Photography is always something that has baffled me slightly. I have the creative vision but the technical side overwhelms me. I have a DSLR (Canon 600d which I love!) which I love for filming videos and for close ups of my work at Beauxoxo, but I don't really adventure more than this. In fact, sometimes I don't take it with me on holidays or weekends away because I'm so scared of breaking it!!

Thankfully, if you're like me and itching to get more from your photography, and more from your camera, than I have just the resource for you! My dear friend Kirst, who you may remember as being the very first Beauxoxo look book photographer over two years ago now, has just launched her first eBook called a 'Beginners Guide To Portrait Photography'. Kirst used to live in Dorset like myself but back in 2012 made her big move to Canada. Since moving there, Kirst has developed her photography talents so much, and now regularly takes on photography students for tutoring and mentoring. It was through these workshops that ignited Kirst's desire for teaching and so she's now taking this show online for everyone to enjoy! So, the joys of eBook learning are that you can be sat in every corner of the world and all you need is an internet connection, your camera and you're ready to go!

The 55 page eBook, for a very reasonable £16, is as Kirst claims, 'a labour of love and a great resource for anyone wanting to improve their people photography skills'. So, for all you blogger's out there or fellow small business owners, that dream of being able to snap beautiful, stand out portrait photography then this is absolutely for you! 

Here's what you'll get through Kirst's eBook:

"I've turned my popular 'real-life' workshop into an eBook.

Teaching and photography are my two great loves, I first combined them in January 2013 teaching a series of beginners portrait photography workshops. Since then I have always hoped to teach a wider audience.

This eBook is 55 pages and even more photos of tips, tricks and teachings for how to get out of auto mode and into taking better photos of people. Perfect for new moms, bloggers and photography enthusiasts alike!

You'll need a camera that has the ability to change aperture and focus settings to get the most out of this eBook."


I'm so excited for any of you that decide to purchase this course because Kirst is such an amazing teacher (she helped me so much!) and I truly do believe that the ability to take gorgeous images is such a special gift. I cannot wait to start experimenting with the skills I learn from the eBook. When I've finished it and mastered all the tips and tricks I'm going to follow it up with a self-portrait post. It will also be amazing for fashion outfit posts, make up looks and so much more. What photography skills would you like to improve?

'The Beginner's Guide to Portrait Photography' is just £16 ($29 CAD). Click here to purchase.


Would you like to win a chance to win a copy of the 'Beginners Guide to Portrait Photography?' ebook? If so, enter below. Good luck!


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  2. Great post! Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway.


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