A Celebration of Friendship with Chisholm Hunter #FriendshipGrows

I was recently contacted by the lovely Amellia on behalf of  Chisholm Hunter asking if I’d like to take part in their #friendshipgrows campaign, which celebrates friendship in blogging. For me this is one of the loveliest things about blogging as the two are inextricably linked, and so it was definitely something I thought would be lovely to post on here.

I had never heard of Chisholm Hunter before so I was really interested to read more about the brand, because their story actually dates back to wanted to 1857, when a store of '10,000 Wonders' opened its Victorian doors to an eclectic collection of fine jewellery in Glasgow, Scotland. It is now a leading UK Diamond Merchant, with stores all across the UK. And just recently, they have now successfully launched a campaign in celebration of friendship within the blogosphere by stating that: 'Blogging has blossomed into an interactive, social activity and of course we know that friendship blooms everywhere'. Altogether now: Awwww!

First of all let me show you what was housed inside this gorgeous black box. I had no idea what would be inside so when I opened it I couldn't believe how jam packed and how generous the gorgeous gifts are. It contained a gorgeous bath melt (which smells utterly dreamy!) then some kitsch, pretty magnetic pegs (so handy!), wildflower seeds and a stunning Armani bracelet. How wonderful is this selection? I had to double check this last item again and again! There was also a chance to win a £250 gift card which you can join in on too by clicking here.

And from being gifted this most perfect box of goodies that I seriously cannot believe how lucky I am to own, the idea is that you then share a memory of a friendship you have made through blogging. Well, I have had the great fortune of interacting with so many amazing bloggers. Truly, one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned through all my blogging years is that what makes this whole media so special has little to do with writing or marketing, but it has to do with forming real-life relationships. That may surprise you being the fact that this is an online medium, I know.

But for me, building real relationships from blogging means that we don't feel ourselves getting lost in the vacuum of our own blogs. It's really a great privilege to cultivate friendships through the blogging community. And actually for me, ever since I made the shift from blogging to blog to blogging to build relationships, I’ve found more depth and meaning to the whole thing.

When it comes to selecting just one blogger my mind went blank. I just know so, so many wonderful ladies that I would just love to gift this to. Because of recent, personal events that have happened in my life, two blogging girlies in particular have been so kind to me and so I’m voting for Tori or the lovely Paige to be sent a #friendshipgrows box. I think that both girls are two of the sweetest most compassionate girls I have the pleasure of knowing. They are two of the kindest souls I have ever met and their respective talents and the way they are is beyond inspirational to so many of us. I think any girl would be very blessed indeed to know a Paige and a Tori!

So that is my #FriendshipGrows story. Thank you so much to Chisholm Hunter for this gorgeous box of treats which I am extremely grateful for! I also think this is such a wonderful campaign and I'd really love to hear any of your friendship stories, blogging or otherwise so please leave them below.


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  1. this is adorable!! I used to think I had alot of blogging pals but now it seems everybody has moved on! xx


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