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When I think of Alexa Chung I think of the girl who has it all, with rockstar boyfriends, enviable looks, Chanel, Mulberry bags, and cute dresses with peter pan collars. She's the quintessential 'It' girl many young girls aspire to be. Whilst I don't quite aspire to be Alexa Chung herself, I have always absolutely loved her style and have done ever since her Cosmo Girl modelling days (please tell me someone else remembers this?). 

I have spotted Alexa's 'It' book so many times in Urban Outfitters and been extremely tempted to purchase, but just recently I was contacted by Kate at FMCM to see if I would be interested in reviewing the paper back edition. I of course jumped at the chance! It was ideal timing so I took it away with me on my mini break to Liverpool and whilst I have seen mixed reviews, I really wanted to form my own opinion. Is 'It' sort of deluded? A book with no purpose? Or a must have in every girl's bedroom? Here are my thoughts.

My stand out first thoughts about Alexa Chung's 'It' is that is it very distinctive amongst any other celebrity autobiographies I have seen, or heard about. With 'It', we don't see a birth to current moment write-up of Alexa's life to date; but rather, this feels like a scrapbook diary, perhaps a Tumblr/blog in book form, that documents how Alexa's love of fashion began, and what brought her into the world of modelling and TV.

So in 'It', what you find is a collection of personal memoirs, beautiful illustrations, and polaroid style photos from Alexa's personal collection. In fact, the little snaps from Alexa's life is probably one of my favourite aspects to this book because it makes it so much more personal and endearing because as a model, she could have had a book full of posey high-fashion shots, so it perfectly illustrates her down-to-earth character that you don't find them here. Moreover, there most be a good hundred or so photos in 'It', but most of them are of Alexa’s celebrity friends, style crushes or general illustrations (which I also adore!). And furthermore still, now I look at the covers again, Alexa breaks tradition by not actually posing on the front cover, (which is just her eye) and even in the paper-back edition I have, it's a very simple selfie in black and white with no huge crew set up and just in her bedroom (or a hotel room).

Also, a second thing I was expecting 'It' to be was a step-by-step guide on how to be Alexa. You know, everything from how she chooses an outfit, puts her makeup on, perhaps a little bit like Lauren Conrad's 'Style' book but it's not what you'll find in this book at all. Instead, and in so much in keeping with Alexa's style, 'It' is much more of a tongue in cheek look at fashion and what inspires Alexa's aesthetic. Having said that, there are tinges of serious moments where Alexa writes about heartbreak or her childhood, but essentially, I think 'It' is a witty, scrapbook.

Overall, I think that 'It' is a book you need to look past the surface with. To my delight 'It' was exactly how I imagine Alexa to be which is down to earth, witty, articulate, charming, and truly brings home the fact that ever still, Alexa is the kind of girl that you want to go shopping with, to just generally hang out with, and I love that ultimately there's still such a mystery to her private life. I love how enigmatic she is actually, that is truly, truly endearing. I feel this book is definitely for the girl who is already a fan of Alexa; her style, her thoughts, her life and that's purely because 'It' is simply Alexa. But most importantly? This book is a classic example that you should never ever judge a book by 'It's' cover ;).

Do any of you have a copy of Alexa Chung's 'It'? This can be purchased at all good book stores from Urban Outfitters, to Amazon and many more.



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