How to Not Get Distracted and How To Keep Your Momentum Going

Because it's a Monday I thought this post would be perfect because it's all about staying motivated, and especially online. As let's face it, how many of you struggle to not get distracted when you work online? Because the truth is that most of us not only work online, but we also spend our leisure time online too. I know sometimes if I am lucky enough to have a day scheduled for blogging, and I'm looking up blogs or something to link to, then one blog leads to another and so it goes on! And maybe you just intended to send one tweet which turns into spending 15 minutes refreshing your timeline....we've ALL been there! But do not fear, because I think I may have found a distraction for your procrastination.

I recently discovered an app called 'Momentum' which works with Google Chrome. How it works is that every time you go to open a new tab a special page pops ups that has your daily to-do list (that you entered that day), the time, a greeting personalised with your name, the current weather to your exact location and also an inspirational quote along the bottom which I love. You can also enter your to-do list in the bottom right corner and that will pop up too. This is going to be ideal for those do a lot of internet work as their work and don't want to get distracted, and it's also going to be ideal if you're trying to write an essay or whatever it may be.

It's early days of me using this app, however I'm hoping I get a lot more use out of Momentum, and I hope you do too! To download it click here. But just remember that as far as I know it's just for Google Chrome.

How do you not get distracted online? If this something that would interest you?



  1. Great post, thanks for sharing I'm going to try that app xx

    1. It's so good Kelly, I hope you get to try it out :) xoxo


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