Favourites: September 2014

I wasn't entirely sure whether I could manage a favourites post for September as if you know my latest personal update post I'm not doing so well at this moment. Despite this I did strangely start the month very differently and because of this, and because I so desperately need everything distraction going I decided to cobble together said products for an early September faves post.
1. MAC Archie's Girls Veronica 'Mall Madness' Lip Gloss

I really loved the MAC Archie's Girls collection and I have been saving this little beauty for autumn and winter. It's from the Veronica side of the collection and called 'Mall Madness'. The shade is a gorgeous warm pinky-plum, so it's absolutely gorgeous for an autumn make up look. I really love this one just with very simple make up because whilst subtle it really gives a gorgeous pop of colour. I'll be so sad when this runs out so don't worry I'll be on the hunt for a good dupe!
2. Organic Olive Secrets Hair Conditioner

When my Mum and Dad went to Rhodes this summer they very sweetly came home with a bundle of gorgeous Greek natural beauty products as they know I adore this sort of stuff. I'm not sure if this is available outside Greece (unless this is their website?!) but again, I'm going to be sad when this runs out because it's so lovely. It's a gorgeous thick conditioner and leaves my long, very neglected hair of late lovely, soft and shiny. This is very comparable to other wonderful deep conditioners, but the reason it made my favourites is because I haven't used one so good in a while. 
3. MAC 'Pink Sprinkles' Blush

The MAC Simpsons collection almost totally passed me by, but when I was in Liverpool I managed to pick up the very last 'Pink Sprinkles' blusher as shamefully I didn't need anything but I really, really wanted something (you know how it is guys!). It's a pretty full-on-pink but it's not so super pink you look like a doll! 
4. Nicole by OPI 'Southern Charm' Nail Polish by Carrie Underwood

I have talked so, so much about these gorgeous Nicole by OPI nail polishes because I think they are simply wonderful! Cheaper than the original OPI polishes with an amazing colour collection and for me, exactly the same results. I'm so in love with the Carrie Underwood collection and lately I've worn 'Southern Charm' such a lot because it's a classic barely there nude that lasts such a long time because it's so fair.
5. Soap and Glory 'Rich and Foamous' Body Wash

I've had a mountain of LUSH shower gels for such a long time that when they ran out, I didn't know what brand to turn to! However whilst pursuing the aisles of Boots I figured Soap & Glory would be a good start and I spied this beauty. It has such a gorgeous warm almond, vanilla scent that it's perfect for autumn and winter. My skins feels very soft using it and the scents last a good amount of time too.
6. Urban Decay 'De-Slick' Make Up Setting Spray

Before recently I never thought I needed a make up setting spray but recently I see so many beauty gurus use them, especially the lovely Shaaanxo. My skin is perfectly described as sensitive/combination with oily patches on my t-zone so because of this I thought I would try the Urban Decay 'De-Slick' and it's amazing- it has transformed my make up routine and I absolutely love it. It makes even eyeshadow look more vibrant and your face shine free for hours and hours and hours.
7. Too Faced Chocolate Eye Shadow Palette

I highlighted this in my little Liverpool haul, and a review is well in the works, but before this, I thought it would be fun to include it in my September favourites because I've been testing it out. And in a nutshell I really, really love this gorgeous collections of nudes with a glorious sweet scent of chocolate. I'll save my other thoughts for my review, but just so you know, tis a good un! 
8. Alexa Chung 'It' Book

I was really fortunate to be given a copy of Alexa Chung's 'It' to read this month and I really enjoyed looking through it. I've always loved Alexa's style, and the book was actually so much different to how I imagined, in a charming way. To read my whole review click here.
9. Beauxoxo Velvet Bow Headbands

So in happier times, earlier this month I went to Liverpool for a photo shoot for Beauxoxo to photo shoot my brand new velvet bow headbands (click here to see the behind the scenes fun). I'm so happy with the result and the reaction from you all has overwhelmed me; in a wonderful way! You can pick from 16 stunning jewel velvet bows and I really hope you love them as much as I do making them! To shop the collection click here.

10. Frida Sundemo 'Neon'

I feel like I have spent a lot of September sharing the love for the incredible Frida Sundemo and well, Swedish music in general! Her song 'Neon' is one that I have been playing again and again. It's so soothing, so gentle and just stunning. If you'd like to hear more about Frida's amazing music you can read my Music Monday post all about her.

I hope this post makes some sense. Please let me know what you loved in September.



  1. That Archie lipgloss looks super pretty!


    1. Aww it really is, wish it was a permanent shade! xoxo


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