Favourites: August 2014

I'm a few days late with my August favourites that I keep writing September! I really like September so I'm looking forward to embracing the new season, but before doing so, let's say bye-bye to summer with my loves of August.
1. Moschino Teddy Bear I Phone Case

Firstly: I'm a child! I know I'm probably too old to be adorning my phone with a teddy bear but hey, it happened! I really adore all of the Moschino I Phone cases and I've been wanting one forever. I really liked the bunny and the panda, and shamefully I plan to get these too, but before it was the little bear that stole my heart! I think they are quite hard to come by now, but I found the Teddy Bear I Phone case on Farfetch for £32.

2. Elemental Herbology Cell Active Rejuvenation Moisturiser

I'm really, really loving Elemental Herbology skincare at the moment, and after loving Cell Food serum, I picked up the Cell Active moisturiser. It smells kind of funky, but works a treat for my sensitive/combination skin. At first I thought it may be too rich for my skin, but I was after a nourishing night cream and this ticks all the boxes for me. Also I'm a huge fan of the pump packaging as it's a pet peeve of mine to have expensive moisturisers in a jar!
3. Cutie Magazine Japan

I'm pretty sure I've already explained my love for Japanese magazines, but if not, then, in a nutshell I'm a huge, huge lover, and a fan of Japanese fashion. Whenever I go to London I always try to stop at JP Books which is right by Piccadilly station. It sells a huge range of Japanese books and magazines and it is one of the best places I've discovered in London. I always come out with a bag bursting full of new titles, but Cutie is one I buy time and time again. It's just the perfect magazine, I only wish I could read it properly!
4. How To Start a Creative Business by Doug Richard

I'm constantly eager to learn the most I can about business but boy is it a confusing world. Sometimes I just don't feel like I have any idea what anyone is on about so I cling to books and articles that are written especially for the creator. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Doug Richard's 'How To Start A Creative Business' because it's aimed at those like me who are creative entrepreneurs and who have not necessarily come from a heavy business understanding nor background. You may also recognise Doug from Dragon's Den, though this book is anything but scary! You can pick up a copy here.
. To be honest, I think so much of the information in this book lends itself to bloggers too, as don't forget, you are running your own business too.
5. Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist

I've wanted to try this forever but have always thought it was a little bit extravagant because many brands sell rosewater in mist form. I was however sucked into this Jurlique product because I hear it's fantastic for those like myself who suffer from eczema and redness. After using it for over a month now, I've noticed my skin has calmed down such a lot. It's so soothing and refreshing to use, but because of the price I only use it morning and night. I know you can take it around with you, which sounds divine to be spritzing rose water, but I'm just loving it enough in my skin care regime. The bottle I have cost £16.50.
6. Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Copper Glow

I've tried a lot of different Pixi eyeliners and to be honest known have disappointed me. I love this one for day-to-day as it's a gorgeously coppery shimmer brown but the shimmer only comes through because of the copper shade running throughout. Pixi eye pens are so creamy and long-lasting I highly recommend them to everyone. I'm a little over liquid at the moment, because of this!
7. Topshop Beehive Lipstick

As you may know long-time readers, I'm a huge fan of Topshop lipsticks and this shade called Beehive is that perfect everyday pink that reminds me of Sixties style because it's just a little Bardot esque. I have been wearing this with neutral eyes, bolder eyes and it completes all looks. The Topshop make up range is just brilliant, and it's easily comparable to many high-end brands, in my humble opinion!

8. Little Beauxoxo

So this month launching Little Beauxoxo has been my favourite thing. I'm so happy that this month I had two wonderful photo shoots and now it's all about getting the website finished and ready to launch. I'm really excited to show you all!

9. Tumblr

I know this was a favourite of mine a little while but I'll say it again: Tumblr! I'm really, really obsessed by all the amazing gifs and making it look like my visual mood board. I still prefer Pinterest, because it's nice to stash pins in folder to reference things easily, but the fact you can scroll through lots of things on Tumblr is more aesthetically pleasing. I'm really keen to follow more people who have a similar style to mine so if that's you, please leave me your link below. I am right here.

10. The Collector's Club 'First To Know'

My musical offering this month comes from The Collector's Club with their single 'First To Know'. I've had this on repeat this month, it's brilliant! Perfect, perfect Indie pop.

Let me know what you have loved in August and what you're looking forward to in September.



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