Exploring Dorset: Swanage

Thanks to your kindest interest in my previous 'Exploring Dorset' post on Corfe Castle. Because of this I'm back today with a post all about Swanage, a little town not so far away. Join me after this page cut to come on my journey with me. I should perhaps add a disclaimer that yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, that is a ticket from 2013. This post has been a loooong time coming!!

A little like Bournemouth, Swanage is a traditional Victorian seaside town, in the heart of Purbeck, Dorset. Swanage is built around a beautiful bay sheltered from the north by Ballard Down and at the south, Peveril Point, and just like Bournemouth, Swanage also boasts stunning blue flag awarded beaches.

Swanage is approximately 10 km south of Poole and 40 km east of Dorchester and the population of the parish is over 9000; so it is a lot smaller than Poole and Bournemouth. It's fantastic for those seeking a little solo trip like myself, to just recharge your batteries, or for all of the family. You can immerse yourself in wonderful seaside traditions like fish and chips, afternoon tea overlooking the sea, hire a deck chair for the day, and you even watch a traditional Punch and Judy show. And whilst I cannot treat myself to this, you absolutely must treat yourself to some ice cream as you'll be spoilt for choice by the many sellers of Purbeck’s own brand. Swanage is also home to array of gorgeous little specialist shops, from chocolate to teddy bears, to craft and health- you'll find something unique from your visit here.

The best way I think you can experience Swanage is with combining it with Corfe Castle. Whilst the two places are only a 15 minute drive away, experiencing the Swanage Railway is something you will always remember from your trip to Dorset and it's incredibly nostalgic and romantic to experience this old-worldy rail experience.  The Swanage Railway is actually and opened in 1885. If you board from Corfe Castle you're literally transported back in time with the waiting rooms and decor just as it would have been, so it's ideal for the vintage fan. I just adore the vintage advertising. As you ride along the track you get spectacular views of Corfe Castle and the Dorset countryside. The trains run daily but for full details and current pries visit their website. The journey is about 30 minutes from Corfe Castle to Swanage. And once you arrive in Swanage you're in the heart of the small town.

Swanage is also very accessible to Poole due to a good ferry link, so it is really quite possible to spend just half the day here and then head back into Poole and explore more of the gorgeous surroundings.

Have any of you ever visited Swanage? Where would you like me to blog about for my next 'Exploring Dorset'  feature? Let me know as always what you all think!



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