20 Years of FRIENDS Favourite Moments

Casually strolling through Twitter I realised that today is the 20th anniversary of FRIENDS. This is crazy, ridiculous! I have fondly grown up watching FRIENDS and I cannot believe it was 20 years ago that it all started. I just love how universally this is such a special show to so many and I can't wait to re-watch all the episodes, just because! It was hard, but I selected 10 of my most loved moments. But please, please share with me your favourites below too.

1. Ross's Sandwich
Ready for some rather wonderful gif action? ;)

2. The Couch- PIVOT!

3. Ross's Leather Pants

4. Chandler Goes to Yemen

5. Rachel's Beef Trifle Thanksgiving

6. Mmm...Noodle Soup!

7. The One With All The Wedding Dresses

8. When Rachel Tells Ross She's Pregnant

9. The One Where Monica and Chandler Adopt

10. Emma's Birthday Cake



  1. This made me laugh so much. Loved friends and gutted that the re-runs are no longer on E4. I think its time I bought the box set ;o) x

    1. Hahah, oh me too! I'm finally going to get the Box Set too ;) xoxo

  2. love this, i miss friends so much :') x


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