Music Monday: Billie Marten

First of all, hai Music Monday! Yes, I know it's been a little time since I have done this feature, but I decided that rather than feel the pressure to post something every week, I should just save it for artists I find once in a while that truly blow me away. Said artist this musical Monday is a North Yorkshire UK singer-songwritter called Billie Marten. At the tender age of fifteen-years of age, Billie started her musical journey like so many by posting originals and covers on YouTube for 2 years, and is now releasing her first EP called 'Ribbon'. This four song EP demonstrates Billie's hauntingly beautiful, ever so delicate vocals alongside stunning acoustic arrangements.

Billie's hauntingly beautiful, mesmerising sound is not so dissimilar to the likes of Lucy Rose and Laura Marling, and she's absolutely one to watch for the rest of this year and next. Her lead song from the EP is 'Ribbon' and from this interview I read with Billie, it was written over the past 9 months when Billie began travelling between London and her hometown in North Yorkshire to mark her place in the music business. After I found this interview and listened to 'Ribbon' again, I could absolutely sense this very timeless theme of vulnerability and fragility that all teenagers experience as they explore new environments, finding their place in the grown up world of business and the big city in general. It's such a stunning song, and at times I feel like I am transported to a by-gone era of folk music, and yet the theme is of course, as I said, so timeless, that the message transcends all cultures and eras. It's just so dreamy. Her confident, mature song-writing reminds me so much of Lorde, and equally, I can't wait to see what the future holds for Billie. She's truly one to remember.

I've included the official video for 'Ribbon' and also Billie's Burberry Acoustic performance of 'Ribbon' because stripped back even more than the original, it has a beauty that is even more special. Plus, the Burberry Acoustic sessions are one of my favourite things.

Click here to purchase Billie's EP, 'Ribbon' from iTunes. You'll never want to take it off repeat, I promise. If you do purchase it, please let me know what you think. Follow Billie's musical adventures on Facebook.



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