Little Beauxoxo First Photo Shoot Behind The Scenes

So this Saturday was the first of official Little Beauxoxo adventures! For more adorable behind the scenes photos join me after this little break. Prepare yourself for the cuteness!

As some of you know, I'm taking a big ol' risk starting a second business, the sister to Beauxoxo, selling children's hair accessories. I have already had a photo shoot here but this was my first local photo shoot for my bow headband designs with the lovely Kaja Jangaard for photography.  I'm pretty much creating mini versions of what I currently sell but with a few different fabrics and a few sweet alterations. We used a plethora of sweet doll and teddy props and it was so exciting to have such a new photo shoot experience for me as normally it's a huge team and this time it was teeny tiny, literally!

I am so excited to launch Little Beauxoxo. I very much hope, and expect, to be launched by September. Now, could you, my dearest blog readers please help me out?  This is all very new to me so I welcome thoughts from those with children, little sisters, cousins etc, those who run Mummy blogs etc to get in touch. To do this, you can follow Little Beauxoxo on Twitter and my Little Beauxoxo Facebook Page. Also, if you do know anyone Little Beauxoxo will interest I'll be doing exciting giveaways to launch the range. So tis all go, go, go and thank you always, and endlessly for supporting this venture :).



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