I'm a little late with the ol' favourites this month, but it's okay we've only just entered August. July was such a stressful, strange little month, but it's okay, we're through it, and I'm looking forward to making the most of every ounce of August sun! Here's what I have loved through July.
1. Lime Crime Pink Velvet Velvetine

I talk an awful lot about my love for Lime Crime's Velvetines. The obvious favourites are the reds: Suedeberry and Red Velvet but because it's summer, and I'm all about a hot pink lip in the sunshine, I adore wearing Pink Velvet of late. It stays put seriously well so it's ideal for the summer weather. I absolutely love this shade and it works for practically everyone I have seen wear it.
2. Eucerin Sun Fluid Mattifying Face SPF 50

If you have oily or combination skin you'll know only too well that most face SPFs are a bit of a nightmare. This Eucerin one however is so light, doesn't break me out and it works very, very well at protecting my skin. I'd highly recommend it, and it's very affordable too at just £12. If you fancy reading more about it click here.
3. Fashionista Magazine

Whenever I go on holiday I always, always pick up a few magazines. For one thing, it's a great way to learn languages in an accessible way, and two, I've always found them to be a wonderful souvenir from my travels. I don't know why, but I think a magazine can share so much information about that country. This is a magazine called 'Fashionista' that I picked up on my recent travels to The Netherlands. I don't speak Dutch unfortunately but that really doesn't matter because it's covered with incredible recipes, fashion and beauty that the pictures speaks to you, whatever language you speak. To me, this has such a similar vibe to Company Magazine and I only wish I could purchase this magazine every month, it's just so good! It also features the lovely Nikkie Tutorials, the Netherlands Youtube sweetheart who I have watched and loved for years!
4. Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso

This is the book that everyone is talking about, and rightly so! It's an incredible story of the journey of Sophia Amoruso who documents her highs and lows towards founding the incredible Nasty Gal. I am actually going to have a review up next week, so I'm not going to say too much now but I found it an incredibly inspiring read and couldn't have my favourites post without it.
5. Organix Argan Oil

Just how late am I on the argan oil bandwagon? Tragically late! I wasn't too sold on all the pricey type oils out there as something like good ol' coconut oil or no brands Argan Oils have always been perfect for me. I did however spy this Organix Argan Oil, and seeing as I love the Organix range I thought I'd give it a try. It is indeed very lovely, doesn't leave your hair feeling heavy, but rather just makes it very soft and manageable. Highly recommended. Plus, it's just under £5. Perfecto.
6. Willie's Cacao Chocolate

I get asked quite often about how I live being dairy free. The answer? Very easily! That's because I generally don't even like dairy foods to want to find alternatives, but one thing I do adore? Chocolate! Thankfully I'm a dark chocolate girl through and through. The good news about dark chocolate is the purer and higher up the scale you go, you'll find no dairy. Now, there are companies like Lindt that say it may have been made in the same place as milk and white chocolate etc etc but it's always fine for me.  However, another brand I'm completely obsessed with is Willie's Cacao. It is 100% pure cacao, and there are no added flavours to the cacao or chocolate, only cocoa butter and raw cane sugar added. They then have little descriptions like 'nutty', 'fruity' etc, so it's kind of like wine tasting, but with different cacao beans! I am slowly making my way through the whole range. It's just ridiculously, ridiculously yummy stuff. *goes to grab a bar* (!!)
7. Elemental Herbology Cell Food

I've actually just done a review for this lovely little serum so head on over here to read about why I love it. But in a nutshell: it's a wonderful serum packed with nourishing anti-oxidants that feels so super light you don't know it's there, but truly gives your skin a gorgeous glow. I'm very in love.
8. Nicole by OPI Carrie Underwood 'Sweet Daisy' Nail Polish

This is such a pretty coral nail polish that I love wearing during summer. It's apart of the Carrie Underwood range from Nicole by OPI and to save me rambling on, here's my little NOTD post so you can see a swatch of it on. 
9. Hetty and Dave Pink Flamingo Shoes

It's summer, and clearly there's a pink theme going on in this favourites post so of course I had to include my new Flamingo hot pink shoes from 'Hetty and Dave'. Check them out in all of their beauty here.

10. 'Silver Lining' First Aid Kit

My musical offering this month comes from First Aid Kit. Let me just say straight out that this whole favourites post could have just been for Swedish music because I have so, so many favourites artists in this part of the world right now. So, for this month I narrowed it down to this beautiful song called 'Silver Lining' by First Aid Kit, which is a gorgeous duo formed by sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg. This is such a very dreamy, perfect folk-pop song with stunning, emotive lyrics. Their whole album 'Stay Gold' is equally wonderful and basically, I'm a little in love with them!

So there you go, my fave bits for July. How about you? Share your loves and likes below, please!



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