REVIEW: Elemental Herbology Cell Food Protection & Repair Serum

I've been getting a little obsessed with luxury skincare brands at the moment, and it's kind of a problem (totally blaming the wonderful Caroline HironsAnna and co)! Elemental Herbology is just one brand I've become ever so fond of lately, so I wanted to post a mini review about their well-known serum called 'Cell Food'. I have the loveliest, friendliest Space NK (shout Bournemouth, you're the best!) and they helped me pick this product because I was after something natural, light but also kind to sensitive skin.

What they say:

'Protect and repair undernourished skin with Elemental Herbology Cell Food Protection & Repair Serum. This anti-ageing formula is packed with proteins and vitamins to leave skin with a youthful radiance.

Elemental Herbology Cell Food Protection & Repair Serum is a light textured serum that helps boost, protect and repair undernourished skin. The anti-ageing formula of proteins, vitamins and anti-oxidants is an essential addition to any skincare regime. An intensive dose of antioxidants and reparative nutrients stimulate collagen and elastin production to restore vitality and radiance while reducing the appearance of dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles.'

I must just say that even though I have only had this for a few weeks, this is definitely one of the best serums I have ever used. It gives my skin a glow, evens out the texture and soothes redness. That's pretty much a hat-trick for me because those are always my main skin complaints. However, it actually went beyond this and I noticed it was great for tightening pores too as well as hydrating the skin. During this wonderful little heatwave we're having this summer some days it's actually perfect alone, but I am looking for a new moisturiser because I'm interested to see if this would make the results even more impressive. Moreover, I do think drier skin would benefit from a moisturiser too. My skin-type however varies between sensitive and combination so it's perfect for me.

Texture wise, whilst being very, very light on, it is thick white liquid and to use, it can be dispensed using a pipette which at first was a little tricky to use but once 'broken' into so to speak works fine. I use one or two drops, massage it in, and almost instantaneously it sinks into the skin and the benefits are soon noticeable, with a lovely fresh glow.

So overall, I'm really in love with this, and hopefully the effects continue. It is £45 which I guess is fairly mid-range for a really high-power serum packed full of super high-quality ingredients, so I am happy to pay that. I just hope it lasts a long time, so fingers crossed as the bottle is quite small!

Has anyone else tried Elemental Herbology's Cell Food? If not, what is your favourite serum? I am really keen to try so much more from this range so let me know what you recommend if you've tried anything.

Elemental Herbology Cell Food Protect & Repair Serum is £45 and if you're not near a Space NK, Feel Unique have an offer where you can get a free Elemental Herbology Facial Detox Purifying Facial Mask if you spend £25 or more on the range.



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