REVIEW: A Beautiful Mess 'Blog Life' e-course

Hi! I’m back again with another review, this time of the ‘Blog Life’ e-course by the writer’s behind A Beautiful Mess.

If you’re like me, when you hear “course” you think it’ll be long and hard work, like a course you'd do in school/college, but this e-course isn't like that at all! Well, it isn't short with 25 chapters and two bonus sessions, but it's so easy to follow due to the breakdown of each aspect of blogging into "lessons", which you can complete at your own pace.

As I said in my last post, prior to working with Georgie I had limited knowledge about blogging, and this course was perfect in developing my understanding! In particular in areas such as how to plan and construct great posts, in addition to how to begin networking and utilising social media to grow your readership. I was constantly taking notes whilst reading!

The e-course is filled with lots of advice for the novice blogger: discussing taglines, how to best construct your About page to promote yourself to any employers or interested sponsors, and how to determine your writing strengths. It also succinctly caters for expert bloggers who are looking to renovate their posts, covering content planning; including qualities of viral content, essential photography tips and editing skills, and monetizing beyond advertising on your blog.

I'm particularly interested in PR/Marketing, and had some knowledge but limited first-hand experience of how a blog can be used in this way. Elsie, Emma and Trey from ABM break this down and cover everything thoroughly, and with every point give examples, sometimes from their personal blogging experiences. 

The most interesting chapters for me were 'Ten Ways to Write a Blog Post' and, in particular, 'Photography Tips for Bloggers'. This was so helpful for me as I am not camera knowledgeable by any means, my iPhone camera is the go-to for me! Emma discusses all the best camera tricks, even the editing effects that they use at A Beautiful Mess, considering those with expensive equipment as well those who may not have the budget for or experience with SLR's.

From the beginning the writers fill you with inspiration and offer encouragement throughout, making you feel motivated and confident that you too can create or reinvent your blog and achieve what they achieved with A Beautiful Mess. I certainly finished the lessons feeling ready to create my own blog!

To purchase the 'Blog Life' e-course for yourself click here. It costs just $50, which is roughly £30.

Post by Ellie @Beauxoxo Intern 


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