Love From Hetty and Dave Flamingo Shoes

Is there anything better in life than cute animal shoes? Specifically, pink flamingo shoes? Sooo...

....firstly, hai all it's Georgie! I hope you're all well? As you may have noticed I have had the help of a lovely girl called Ellie who has been writing for my blog as part of her work experience at Bournemouth University. I really hope you have all enjoyed her posts on here. In particular, I loved her post on Bournemouth's Vintage Emporium and today I wanted to do a mini post on one of the sellers Ellie mentioned in her post. As you all know I love 'Love From Hetty and Dave' an awful lot, and the girl behind it all Zoe, is a true sweetheart. I have loved her handcrafted leather creations for the longest time and as a local crafter in Bournemouth, I love to shout about her work as much as I possibly can.

'Love from Hetty and Dave' specialises in many beautiful, handcrafted treasures. With everything from Zoe's highly original best selling hand sewn decorative leather designs on bags, shoes and more, to slug doorstoppers and everything in between, Zoe's craft projects have been featured in Eithne Farry’s book, ‘Lovely Things to Make for Girls of Slender Means’, and ‘State of Craft’by Victoria Woodcock, NME, The Guardian, countless Mollie Makes issues, and her designs were loved by the late Amy Winehouse.

Zoe is definitely one of my crafting inspirations that's for sure! I just love my little flamingo shoes and they will proudly sit beside my other 'Love From Hetty and Dave' animal shoes. They will go perfectly with this lovely summery weather are having but equally look super cute in winter with thick black tights. Plus, I'm obsessed with Flamingos. Truly obsessed! One of my favourite childhood memories was the Flamingoes at Paulton's Park, yep!

So, are you now feeling like you need these pink flamingo shoes of pure joy in your life? Of course you do! Click here to get a pair for yourself. At £32, and for something so perfectly handmade they're a real bargain. And that pink, that pink, so lush.

Georgie xoxo

PS: Ellie will be writing a few more posts for me over the next few days so look out for them!

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  1. Hi Georgie,

    I visited the emporium on Saturday and thought the Hetty and Dave stuff was so cute! Nearly bought their 'I love you an otter' pillow. I popped some pics of their products in my weekend round-up as they were so adorable... those slugs!! I heard nearly came to brunch on Sunday, I was there and would have loved to have finally met you :)



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