So this is just a super quick post because today I finally moved in, hurrah! Because everything is completely all over the place I just wanted to show you some little bits I picked up at Ikea as the base of my craft room, and then a little photo of what it looks like.

The only items really on my Ikea wish list were the Kallax shelving units. I can't even remember the countless craft rooms I have looked at online that either have the Kallax, or something very similar. They are absolutely perfect for craft rooms. I can put all my files at the bottom and all of my craft components can be neatly organised for easy access and a nice display. For the first time I can actually see everything I have, and from a buying point of view, this is life changing! The Kallax's are £85 which is pretty good to be honest. I picked the white design because it looks so clean and fresh.

Because I'm a total sucker for anything pretty I picked up some unnecessaries, of course! Firstly, three lovely floral patterned boxes which collapse if needed and fit perfectly into the Kallax. But now I have them they are fantastic for envelope storage. And just £3.50 each. £3.50! Pick up pretty Drona floral boxes here.

Now onto the utterly, utterly ridiculous: flamingo glasses and elk shaped pasta! The glasses were however just 50p each. With a price like that it's impossible to leave. And the elk/moose shaped pasta? This is my Ikea tradition, basically, and like I said, I'm a sucker for the cute and unnecessary things in life ;). 

I hope you've been enjoying the blog posts by my lovely intern Ellie! She's creating lots of great content on here whilst I surround myself with a million cardboard boxes and bubble wrap! But, I'll definitely be back on form soon :).

Georgie xoxo


  1. Those glasses are all kinds of amazing! x

  2. I can't get over those flamingo glasses!! xx

  3. I have those glasses! I'm going to use them at Uni!

  4. Uh oh I'm off to Ikea tomorrow and by the looks of it my bank balance may be in danger haha. Great picks. Loving the flamingo glasses :o) x


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