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In light of the Beauxoxo & blog headquarters moving into a new office, I got shopping around on the world wide web (as I often do) to browse cute office furnishings. I came across many little bits that I fell in love with (I want to decorate a new room now!) and I thought I'd share them with you.
1. Desk Organisers

I think every desk needs one of these; they keep your stationary bits in one place and your desk looking tidy and organised as a result. I found this desk organiser through Mod Podge Rocks! blog. It's a homemade organiser made from recycled bits - before I came across the instructions on how to make I had no idea it was homemade! Looks too good! (Anybody else think that?) If you're tempted to make one yourself you can find the tutorial here.
2. Storage Boxes

I'm a bit of a hoarder so I have so many of pretty storage boxes like this collection from Laura Ashley! They not only keep your things safe and your room tidy but they would pretty up any office! They are essential for craft-lovers: you need something pretty to store all your pretty crafty bits!
3. Vintage Pinboard

In our fast-paced, technology-driven world, notes and reminders can be easily made with a few taps on a smart-phone, which come with the added benefit of alerting you when the deadline you set is approaching. But I think it can be good to write things down too, and especially so something like this vintage pinboard from rubyandjoy's Etsy shop can be placed to brighten up any plain wall!
4. Wooden Word Blocks

They would probably be more likely to be found in a bedroom, but why not put them in an office - they give a room character and you can get personalised ones too! Or you can make your own: you just need some old wood and some paint or wallpaper and you can start creating! If not, you can find them in lots of home stores, for example like this one from The Range.
5. Calendar Wood Blocks

I'm obsessed with all things Hello Kitty, and now obsessed I'm with this! How cute would this wood block desk calendar from WoodnDoodads Etsy shop look on your desk? Of course you can use your phone or laptop to check what the date is if you ever need to, but this would pretty-up any desk so why not get it?! And wouldn't it be nice to not have to look to your phone for everything? (Although admittedly you might need to check it quickly to know the date to put the wooden blocks right!)
6. Candles

Everybody loves a good smelling candle, and a room is never quite complete without one, so this cute vintage find is going on this list! I know candles are not typically found in an office, but this vanilla-scented candle sold by OdditiesVintage would add some decoration to your desk - and it wouldn't look out of place since its disguised as a teacup!

I got beyond tempted to purchase many of these items, but managed to resist... for now!

Is anybody currently shopping for new furnishings and found something they think is a must-have for an office space? Let me know if there's anything I missed!

By Ellie @ Beauxoxo intern

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