Beach Handbag Necessities

July is my favourite month, not just because it's the month of my birthday (just turned 21!), but because it's the end of the final term and the beginning of the summer. This means it's time to get summer ready, so in other words, beach ready! The sun comes out, you can munch on chips and treat yourself to too many (is there such thing?) ice-creams and spend days at the beach... I love summer! And here in Bournemouth the beach is right on our doorstep so what are you waiting for?
As you can tell, I'm getting prepped for summer at the moment, so here's another list for you, this time of what you'll find in my handbag when I go to the beach...
1. Suncream 

Better to be safe than sorry! I learnt this recently when I didn't put any on and I fell asleep in my backgarden... I was wearing shorts and and as you can imagine the tan burn marks were horrific - went through so much aftersun! This Soltan 'Protect &Tan' is the one I've brought to try out... fingers crossed it really does "support skin's natural tanning" and help me to achieve a tan!
2. Rimmel tinted BB cream

This is perfect if you're prone to bad, shiny or red skin and don't want to wear thick foundation (for fear it will melt) but want to cover up. This is the best beauty purchase I've made this summer, even if I'm slightly too pale for the 'light' shade! #palepersonproblems
3. Sunglasses

These are my trusty pair that I got from New Look a few months ago. I've dropped them so many times and they are yet to break. (Excuse the cringey and shameless selfie!)
4. A Good Book

I always take a book in my bag wherever I go - you never know if the train your getting home will be delayed for an hour and there's nothing worse then having to just sit, bored, waiting it out.
It might just be me, but I can't just sunbathe and fall asleep, so I need a good book to keep me entertained, which is what I'm hoping 'What a Girl Wants' will do!
5. Glossies

Get the new edition of the magazine(s) you read and pack them too; a perfect, fun and light-weight addition for the bag. Your friends will love you for it; they never bring their own but always want to read yours ;)
6. Coin purse

Surely the most important essential - a place to put the change for the 2-scoop (always!) mint choc chip ice-cream you know you'll get - would be rude not to when at the beach! I love this cute one from Accessorize (and it's in the sale!)

Is there anything I've missed? Don't hesitate to tell me! :)

Written by Ellie @ Beauxoxo intern


  1. British beach's are the best, Whitbys my absolute favourite! I was looking for a foundation/cover up with SPF so I might have to try the BB cream, it looks perfect. :)

  2. Living in Italy means that in summer I spend nearly everyday at the seaside, so this post comes so useful! As you suggested, I always bring a mag or a good book! And I'll def give that bb cream a go, it seems the perfect choice for a light coverage and a skin protection lotion!


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