9 Reasons to Start a Blog

As you know, because I'm a newbie I've been doing lots of research into blogging and the secrets behind creating a great blog, which has got me starting to think about maybe starting one of my own! If any of you are like me and are very tempted but maybe need a little more encouragement then here are my 9 reasons that have persuaded me to try it:

1. It's Your Space

It's somewhere you can go to write about whatever you want! There are no limits! For example, if you love True Blood but find that there are regularly cringingly bad parts in the script you can write about it. (I've nearly finished season 3 and it doesn't seem to be getting better so there would be loads to write about!) It's your platform to say what you think and find like-minded readers who agree and enjoy your content.
2. It's Fun

I've really enjoyed writing posts for Dreams That Glitter its fun to think of cool ideas for posts and to make them happen. From reading other craft blogs, it looks so fun to pick a creative project and then make it! Plus you have an excuse to make (and eat!), lets say, white chocolate and mint truffles... 

3. Doubles Up As a Journal

Whether you choose to create a personal blog detailing experiences you've had or a creative one writing how-to's and DIY sessions, you are recording things you've done and precious moments that you can look back on. It's a personal journal that you will always have, and don't risk leaving on the train.

4. It Will Increase Your Creativity
Just reading about what content could be created for a blog has got me really thinking about so many ideas for posts! It helps to release your creative side and get you thinking productively. 

5. It Will Benefit You

You will become a better writer, planner and in general a much-more organised individual. As I've learnt through this experience so far, every single post requires a lot of in-depth thought and planning to be written well, and in doing this you're thinking more about your writing and how you can articulate your ideas in the best way.

6. You Could Inspire Readers

Your thoughts, experiences and ideas could inspire people to do things they may not have considered before or to try out craft tutorials they've read when they otherwise thought they would never attempt one. That was me, until I came across 'DIY Photo Playing Cards' on A Beautiful Mess which I've now decided to create for Christmas presents. (Fingers crossed they go as well!)

7. It's An Online Portfolio

It's something you can show to perspective employers to provide evidence of your written and organisation skills. You can even use your blogging platform as a creative CV.

8. You Could Make Money
I don't think this should drive you as it isn't guaranteed, but you may be presented opportunities to earn money through your blog which is very appealing!
9. It’s Free

Finally, its free to do! As a student, this is a very appealing aspect to me! You can set up your own personal website, for example on Wordpress, for no cost at all – why not try it and see how it goes?

Convinced to start a blog? Let me know how it goes!

Post by Ellie @Beauxoxo Intern 

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  1. Hello there!
    My name is Aimee and recently I decided to start a blog. I just wanted to say that I love your reasons for starting one. As I am a writer I find that writing blog posts has defiantly increased my creativity and writing ability. So starting one was defiantly a good idea. You also have a very pretty and fun blog. I have enjoyed reading through some of your posts. :)

    Keep Writing!

    - Aimee. :)


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