Exciting News: The launch of Beauxoxo and my Blog HQ!

Good morning everyone! Somehow it ends up already at the mid-month point and I realise I have once again not posted. Things have been wonderfully manic lately as I have been busily working away on a few new projects and I squeezed in a thoroughly needed mini break to The Netherlands just this past weekend (more on that soon). But today, I have just the best news to share which answers where I have been lately for really the longest time.

As many of you know I currently spend the majority of my time beavering away in my make shift conservatory, my 'studio', expect it's really not....and that's always been the problem. Having a conservatory is wonderful: in the winter you can curl up with the heater listening to the rain on the glass, and in summer it's all cosy and warm. Creating a business in a conservatory however is a different matter altogether! You unfortunately get problems with the damp in winter, the sheer heating in general, and in the summer you get the green-house effect which is just as troublesome, if not more so. Thus, it's time move on. I have found a perfect little studio a stones throw from where I am now and I'm so excited to start my new adventure. Moreover, this will enable me to start my DIY tutorials and just everything crafty. I just cannot really do this where I'm based now as the room is so limited. I am so, so excited to get started with everything!

And you know what else this means? I get to decorate a craft room! I can't wait to get stuck into all the ideas in Torie Jayne's amazing book 'Craft Show & Tell' and the website heart, 'Heart Handmade'  looks wonderful and I can't wait to of course source out more inspiration on my beloved Pinterest and of course you know me, a Craft Room inspiration board is already in the works!

So that's really my big news in a nutshell. I have known for a few weeks now, and planning it for ages before, but good things as they say are always worth the wait. I am going to document my moving in journey, and setting everything up in general so be assured there's tons to come. If you have a craft room, please link me to resources or inspirations you love.

I move in August so between this time lots of posts will be going up but the actual result will not be completed until then.



  1. This sounds so exciting! Good luck with your move to your new craft room - I can't wait to see what you do with it! :) xo


    1. Aww thank you so much Megan, I'm excited to get crafting away :) xoxo


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