Episode 1: First Look at my Craft Room

Hi everyone! I know it's been a pretty shocking month from me blogging wise, but as many of you will know that's because I am in the process of moving to an office which will be the base of Beauxoxo, my new hair accessory business for children, Little Beauxoxo, and crafting projects for this here blog. To say I'm excited is an understatement but of course, as with any move, there is so, so much work to be done! 

I was due to move at the start of August but I am now able to move in mid-July and after a moment of panic at how soon this seems, I'm the kind of person who kind of secretly thrives working under pressure so I'm just going with it. This Tuesday I have scheduled in a trip to Ikea because I know for sure I am getting two of the Kallax Shelving Units and to me this seems the best use of space. I can use admin for one unit and the other for supplies. Now knowing me, I will probably find more things I feel I need, but if I'm just being sensible it is the Kallax Units that have my eye. Oh and some Moose pasta may come home with me, because I'm a little ridiculous like that ;). 

Now onto what the office looks like and what I'm thinking design wise I am only really just starting to plan this. I have included photos above and of course apologies for bad phone photography!Also, the desks and chairs are not mine. My creativity tends to work literally BAM and then it's all designed in 5 minutes, I don't plan anything, to be honest. Planning and creativity have never been something that works for me, but when I know what I want, it will just happen. For the moment however I have started adding more things to my Pinterest board, aptly named, Craft Room Inspiration and you can follow me here to see my thoughts and musings. 

For the moment however I just wanted to include some of my favourite inspirations. Firstly, my dear crafty chum 'I Love Crafty' just has THE most perfect crafting environment and I'm just loving it all. See her craft room tour post here. Then I really love what to me seems like the Ikea Kallax in action at Two Twenty One, and this is exactly how I want to organise mine. And how gorgeously white and clean is their room? Sadly, I could never achieve this as I'm such a messy little crafter! Finally, though not practical for my set-up I find the last image very dreamy indeed. I sadly cannot find a link but it's all on my Pinterest under the board Craft Room Inspiration.

So I think that's my first post about moving wrapped up. I will update more when I've been to Ikea. An Ikea haul perhaps? haha.

Let me know any ideas of links you know of that have amazing craft rooms please!

Speak soon :)


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  1. Thanks for the lovely mention! I think theres nothing more exciting than a blank canvas and I can't wait to see what you do with the space! Its gonna be beautiful! xxx


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