Betty Magazine Mini Guide to London

As you all know, I love me a good magazine, and Betty Magazine is certainly one of prettiest titles I know. Full of stunning photography, well-written articles, unique places to visit and an array of pretty things that will leave your bank balance wincing a little, it's a magazine whose ideas and thoughts I trust and admire.

Thus, imagine my delight when I spied Betty Magazine were teaming up with Telescope Cards to create a mini guide to London. London is a city I have always had it's fair to say a love-hate kind of relationship with. When I'm working in London, it overwhelms me and makes me quite frankly a little ill, but when I am able to enjoy the city, it's somewhere I just love. I am always looking for opportunities to know London better, and because I love the content of Betty Magazine so much I thought this mini guide would be perfect for me.

Essentially the mini guide is a deck of cards featuring lots of lovely places to visit in London, with a handy map on the back of each card. The layout and style is simply adorable! In the pack of cards there's a right ol' mixture of everything from cute cafes, shops, restaurants and a bit of culture thrown in for good measure too. So, for example,  Columbia Road Flower Market, House of Hackney and the V&A museum all make an appearance. The mini guide is absolutely perfect handbag size, and the size same as an oyster card, making it perfect for popping in your day bag to explore the big city. I really love the fact that as well as the place recommendation you are also given nearby suggestions, so for example, the V&A has restaurant and book shop guides to complete your visit in style. There is of course lots and lots of more places that may be unknown to you, unlike the V&A, but I didn't want to give their secrets away because part of the excitement is flicking through and finding these gems for yourself.

You can purchase your own mini guide to London for £15 right here from Betty Magazine's website. Plus, for my international readers, international shipping is free so get planning that mini break to London and hashtag #bettymagazine showing where your adventures have taken you!

Is anyone else a Betty Magazine fan? Where are your favourite places to go in London? Check to see if Betty Magazine is stocked near you here.



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