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As a handmade artist and creative, I love nothing more than featuring other fellow artisans running crafting businesses like I do. Today, I want to focus on the wonderful And Mary  jewellery range, which specialises in incredibly meticulously created animal porcelain jewels of joy.

The And Mary range was born when Alison and McNeil met in 2008, and together they launched And Mary in November 2009. In April 2012 and they married, and left the big city of London to live in the Scottish countryside with their two dogs, Elvis and Edith. Today, Alison designs their unique jewellery and the accessory collections and each season finds her inspiration from vintage fairs and antique markets in London and Paris, as well as the beautiful Scottish country side they now reside.

The And Mary jewellery range is well known, seen in magazines, on bloggers and all over the wide web, and loved for its whimsical, original hand painted porcelain animal necklaces in particular. Each piece is hand finished by Alison in Scotland, making each and every piece truly unique. What you may not know however, is that the And Mary range extends beyond porcelain necklaces to leather goods, sunglasses and even doorknobs. Alison's talent truly has no boundaries!

When I had my last photo shoot in Brighton, my Mum very sweetly got me the Giraffe necklace as a surprise because I had looked at it so longingly the day before my photo shoot and well, she's very adorable like that! I am so in love with it. The attention to detail is ridiculous and the sturdy long chain and super sweet satin bow just give it that oh-so-special touch. I now want it ALL. Seriously! I have included a photo of all the pretty And Mary finds in a Brighton boutique. From owning one, I couldn't recommend the range more and it'll be a piece you treasure, I can assure you.

Has anyone heard of And Mary before? If so, let me know your favourites!



  1. OH, hello new brand to become obsessed with! x

  2. Just had a look at the And Mary website - they have so many beautiful pieces! I love the penguin earrings and the fox ones and the pug ones - ah there's just so many I love! xo

    1. I am JUST the same Megan, there's too much! xoxo


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