A Weekend in The Hague, The Netherlands

As you may have seen from my last blog post, I recently had a lovely mini break to Amsterdam, and today I want to share a few select photos from my equally lovely trip to The Hague where I stayed with my friend who now lives there. The Hague, or Den Haag, (as I became so familiar with saying!), is home of the Dutch parliament and government, and the residence of King Willem-Alexander. It's a very, very different city to Amsterdam and is home to about 500,000 inhabitants, with the greater urban area numbering about one million. Despite this, I couldn't get over how peaceful The Hague was, and how safe it was too. My friends and I wandered around the picturesque nineteenth century little streets after long evening walks and my only danger was avoiding the on-the-mission-cyclist (but hey, I feel this is a very Netherlands thing, just get out of their way and you'll be fine! haha).

Geographically, The Hague lies on the North Sea and is home to Scheveningen, the most popular seaside resort of the Netherlands, as well as the smaller resort of Kijkduin. This beach aspect really surprised me but my friends and I had a gorgeous late afternoon there. Coming from Bournemouth it's kind of a home-from-home really ;).

The Hague is also a place where you find stately, regal palatial embassies and mansions, gorgeous leafy green boulevards and parks, an array of wonderful museums and a lovely, truly indulgent cafe scene. So like I said, it truly has everything you could want from a city, and yet is very small scale. It felt a lot more continental than Amsterdam in some ways, and similar to a bit of London, a bit of France, a bit of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and well, you may get the idea now! It's definitely a European city I would be very, very content in.

My whole trip to the Netherlands was in a word truly, truly gezellig and if you ever have the chance to go, you absolutely must.

Have any of you reading this been to The Hague, or perhaps you live in The Hague? Let me know below, please :).



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