REVIEW: Kimmi Fragrances by Koto Parfums

Let's get the obvious out of the way: SO cute right? Yes I know, these really are the sweetest perfumes you could possibly imagine and of course this meant I had to own them. I don't normally get sucked into duty free things when flying, but when I recently travelled to Liverpool with Flybe and I spied these in their magazine and they reminded me so much of the Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers fragrances that are sadly hard to find now.

Kimmi Fragrances are created by Koto Parfums, a French house that specialise in children's fragrances. The Kimmi range was created in 2011 when Koto Parfums introduced a collection of fragrances inspired by the Japanese dolls Kimmidoll and Kimmi Junior Doll, which draw inspiration from the Japanese Kokeshi dolls from the 19th century. I purchased the little mini set, however the full size perfumes come with decorative stickers so that girls can easily play and customise their perfume, but hey, I'm not THAT much of a child ;).

So the scents are as follows:

Billie: Features fruity notes, coton candy, vanilla, fig leaf, lily-of-the-valley, woodsy notes and musk. Lovely and soft.
Lily: composition includes chords of mulberry leaf, raspberry, peach, Turkish rose, peony, ylang ylang, rice powder accord, pod of vanilla, and white musk. To me this is a little like Vera Wang's Princess which I adore.
Millie: Fruity top notes are grapefruit, mandarin orange and black currant; middle notes are lily-of-the-valley and raspberry; base notes are musk and vanilla. The fruity effect didn't last too long on me, and you're left with a musky undertone.
Mimi: This is a fruity-floral cocktail of mandarin, lemon, black currant, peony, green tea, white peach, candied violet, white wood raspberry, vanilla and white musk. I don't normally like fruity-floral scents but I really loved the hints of peach and violet.
Niki: This flowery-fruity-musky fragrance includes notes of pomelo, strawberry leaf, white peony, fresh raspberry, vanilla, and musk. This, to me, smells a little like a cupcake!

One thing you'll probably notice from the above is that they are all super sweet, and being marketed at children you'd expect this. Yes some of the fragrances say musk but I wouldn't say any of the fragrances are particularly complex and they are all very similar. As a sweet perfume fan I really love this, not to imagine they all have vanilla in, my favourite fragrance note. I think my favourite would probably be Lily because as I said, it's similar to Vera Wang's Princess.

This set of Kimmi Fragrances cost £26 from Flybe. If you're after something very similar visually and scent wise to the Harajuku Lovers series then you absolutely must check these out.

Does anyone own the Kimmi Fragrances? If so, let me know which is your favourite. For more information about Kimmi Fragrances click here.



  1. oh wowo!! this is amazing <3 How cuteee

  2. These are so adorable ! I used to love e Harajuku perfumes too xx


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