REVIEW: 'Eat Pretty' by Jolene Hart

Eat Pretty Jolene Hart
If you're wondering how to eat your way to beautiful skin, read on....

I know, I know I'm beginning to sound like a broken record but I'll say it again: You are what you eat. I love make up, and beauty as much as the next girl, but if I'm being honest, I tend to get my money's worth for my face at my local green grocers rather than a beauty counter. I do passionately believe having a good approach to skincare is extremely important but, just from my personal experience, if I don't eat well my skin suffers. And not just my skin; my nails, my hair, just my general well-being. I feel that the notion of beauty nutrition is fast becoming a rising beauty trend, and we are increasingly starting to think about the importance of not just what we put on our bodies, but also what we put into our bodies.

You all know I really love to eat healthily, and to read about healthy eating too, so when I spied this book called 'Eat Pretty' by Jolene Hart in Urban Outfitters I had to own it. I already love and own many books similar to this such as my beloved 'Healthy Skin Diet' by Karen Fischer (this book truly transformed my well-being and created my love for healthy living), and also 'Feed Your Face' by Jessica Wu.

Jolene Hart herself is a beauty and health coach. In 2010, she founded 'Beauty Is Wellness', a pioneering coaching practice, and through workshops, cooking classes and private coaching, she teaches women how to look and feel their best by using nutrition, beautifying recipes, healthy habits and natural products. Before this Jolene was a journalist and beauty editor for national and international publications like such as InStyle, People and Allure, so overall she has an incredible wealth of experience in the beauty and cosmetic industry. But Jolene, like so many of us, became increasingly frustrated with being sold countless products, designed to individually address this troublesome spot, or that chronic skin problem, but never actually truly dealing with it. In fact, Jolene often felt like she had to wear a mask of makeup that only corrected issues temporarily, and often contained harmful chemicals that only made things worse in the long run.

Jolene soon discovered that looking and feeling our best means exploring good digestion, healthy hormones, restful sleep, emotional health and, as the foundation of it all, foods that support our beauty and wellness. And this is basically everything that 'Eat Pretty' achieves: it simplifies the latest science, discussing nutritional buzzwords like antioxidants, biotin and omega-3s alongside everyday foods we can all find and enjoy, each paired with their specific beauty-boosting benefits. So for example, Jolene discusses that if you're after skin hydration you should pick foods like celery, and for sun defence munch on lots of red peppers and tomatoes. All of this information is clearly explained through charts, lists and summaries. 'Eat Pretty' also contains lots of yummy recipes, something I always look for, and I can concur that after making many already they work, and they're absolutely delicious! You get recipes with everything from a mouthwatering frittata above to super sweet natural pancakes.  And actually one of my favourite things about 'Eat Pretty' is how the book is divided up into the best beauty foods within the four seasons. I like how this shows the reader that they have the ability to eat fresh and healthy food all year long.

I think 'Eat Pretty' overall is extremely well written, well researched, and very informative (not to mention extremely beautifully illustrated and laid out!). I love how relatable Jolene is. As I said, I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoy using beauty products, but I think completely relying on them to help your appearance is like putting a plaster on the real issue: what's going on inside your body!

I will do a post in the future with all my favourite beautfying beauty nutrition books but in the meantime, has anyone also got a copy of 'Eat Pretty'? And if not, would you like to? Furthermore, do you think of foods and nutrition within your skincare regime?

To purchase 'Eat Pretty' click here to get your copy from Amazon for just £10.99.



  1. Wow this looks really good! Such a pretty book too:)
    I will most certainly be purchasing this!! x

    1. I'm so happy to hear your thoughts Amber, I really think it's wonderful :) xoxo


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